16 August 2012

TSB Annual Kjerringvik event 2012

This weekend (16.09 – 19.08) all the members of TSB travel to Kjerringvik for the annual summer gaming group event.

“We have seen the end of 5th edition, we will soon master 6th edition”. I look forward to seeing all the “new armies”, and find out what works / does not work. Personally this is the first time I field “grey models”, due to lack of time to paint after my summer holiday. However, they will be finished for the next tournament.

Most of the TSB members will start the weekend today, some arrive tomorrow. Even the weather seems to be on our side this weekend! The Rinker (day cruiser) is fuelled, and I am ready to “burn” 400liters….. Looking forward to seeing you all!



  1. Looking forward to this trip with gaming, gossiping, rules discussions, getting inspiration, learning (by doing) and beer, beer and more beer. See u tomorrow around 18 :)

    1. We'll be there when you show up, Linus! We're not making any promises as to the state we're in, though... ;)
      (You and me have to have a chat about that DreamForge KickStarter campaign, BTW.)

      Ørnulv: I can hardly wait! Looks like my project at work is working out, so Trond and me will be rolling down in a few hours. (We'll text you when we leave his place, just to give you an idea when we're gonna turn up.)


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