13 April 2012

Eldar CRAFTWORLD projects

So, after several posts by Ørnulv on his magnificent Dark Eldar, it`s time for a mere mortal hobbist to show of some of my humble projects.

After trying this combo for some games now the miniatures are finally in production mode:)

Biel Tan Craftworld, the most warlike of all the craftworlds, has been without proper leadership and generals for too long now. The farseers are by no means poor generals, and have preformed their dutys well, but it is their that Autarchs gives them a total different tactical flexibility.

My first Autarch is based on a first/second edition Dire Avenger Exarch. This old miniature has a real detail to it, all metal, and my half finished wristmounted fusion gun gives him the sting he needs. For close combat, he is equiped with a powersword and mandiblasters

The second Auarch - 5 edition metal model of an Autuarch with jump generator, scorpion chainsword, mandiblasters and a fusion gun. The Chainsword is replaced with a power weapon and thats it. Sorry about the bad photo quality. Will post proper images when they are done.

This auarchs will soon appear at a gaming table near you!


  1. Looking god Trond!

    - old models with nice poses and a "good feel" I imagen. Looking forward to gun them down with "Spliter fire" (and to se them fully painted)

    Cheers mate!

  2. Just remember that splinterfire isn`t more effective against T3:) still wounding on 4+
    I hope that they turn out the way I want and that they will be a cool ad on to my army

  3. I think they will fit in very nice :) Start painting - and I will see them in my battle bunker pretty soon I hope :)

  4. Good to see Ø's not the only one making some hobby progress, and those Autarchs look really promising. Can't wait to put some bolter-sized holes in them! ;)


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