6 April 2012

Dark Eldar ”Metal-works in progress” – ØRNULVS APRIL 2012 PROJECT # 1

Although the ”core” of my Dark Eldar army now is complete, I have always planned (and wanted) to add various units, giving me flexibility during gaming, and aiding me in the quest to find a ”standard army list" that suits me.

After my recent encounter with ”Citadel Finecast”, I feel lucky to have bought most of my Dark Eldar model last year during a trip to Dublin, hence many of my models are in metal (witch I obviously favour to the new resin models).

Made from metal, they get ”a heavy feel” in my palm, witch I think suit my Incubus.....

...... all 10 of them:

Next up was one of the most beautiful models in the 40K universe (my opinion anyway), ”The Mistress of the Cult of Strife" – ore simply ”The undisputed champion of the gladiator arenas” – Lelith Hesperax!

One of the named Characters that interested me from day one was the Lady with ”The Crystal Heart”. With 7 attacks on the charge, power weapon, 4+ Invulnerable save and army redeployment rules, I just ”had to have her”.... But what model to use? Jørn helped me find alternative models on the net, and ”we” ended up with a model from the ”Avatars of War” range.

Lady Malys was once upon a time Asdrubael Vect´s consort. Her ”story” and name demanded a ”graceful appearance”. For me that meant no spikes! I actually found that the model (with a repositioned head) portrayed exactly what I imagined. Behold, it is predicted that she could be the one that holds the keys to the demise of Vect - and the fate of Commorragh itself – Arcon of the Poisoned Tongue - Lady Malys:

It was quite an undertaking. Most conversions I have seen are build from the Kabalite Warrior plastic kit. However, having acquired a ”Metal Arcon”, I found it only proper to use that model to create my own Asdrubael Vect – Supreme Overlord of Commorragh:

Inspired by the cover of the Dark Eldar Codex, I re positioned his right arm, using the “soul trap” as an “Obsidian Orb”. Using various plastic parts I created the “Sceptre of the Dark City” – a power weapon that always wounds on 3+! Spikes – I had to give him spikes – and a grim array of poles and spikes with skulls! Still – not wanting to go "over the top", I wanted to be able to use him in tabletop gaming.


  1. I love the 'counts as' Vect, and the elegance of the AoW Vampire Countess miniature should suit Lady Malys very nicely.

    Quite a lot more cloth on these two than the rest of your army. It'll be interesting to see if you can come up with something special for those bits...

  2. As a veteran Dark Eldar player I was almost awestrucked when GW released the new Dark Eldar range, and maybe most impressed of the superb Incubi models. As most members of team Storm bolter knows I never bring my Dark Eldar to battle without at least one hefty squad of these battle hardened killers. They look really intimidating on slate bases lifting them somewhat higher up, adding to their already haughty posture.

    Nice interpretation of Lady Malys. I have never had a browse on the AOW homepage, maybe time for that now:)

    Really cool "scratchbuilt" Vect model, with loads of spikes and skulls and placed on the highest base in the army. Looks particullarly grisly and commanding as befits the supreme overlord of Commoragh. Nice work and I´m looking forward to see the model finished.

  3. Well looks like you have hade your hands full this easter. Gaming essentials, markers and now Incubis and characters!
    Your new HQ choices looks great. Oh, and by the way, if any of you needs more slate, just let me know

  4. Really cool modells! Looking forward to seeing them finished:)

  5. hey what is the name of the model you used for lady mayls, i know that it is a avatar model but i would love to know the model name or to have a link to where i could acquire one. thank you! :)

    1. It is the "Vampire Countess" model, ReaperClaws...



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