26 April 2012

Dark Eldar – Lelith Hesperax, Lady Malys and Asdrubael Vect – ØRNULVS APRIL 2012 PROJECT #3

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Lelith Hesperax; This model makes me almost wish she where real..... A true killing machine. 

Again I decided to use my ”blue metallic” colour scheme, and to use my standard grey/black spandex Wych scheme. Al models have some cloth in ”pale sand”. Being without any cloth, I decided to paint the battle torn standard in this colour to tie her in with the rest of the army. This is how she turned out (she a pairs more glossy than she is):

Lady Malys; I just love this model. Once Vect´s consort, now Arcon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue, I hade to give her a somewhat graceful appearance. 

To tie her in with the rest of the army I once again used the ”blue metallic” scheme on the armour, picking out elements in a layered mix of Tin Bitz/Bronze/Gold. The skin obviously match the pale skin colour used on the rest of the army. Inspired by the cover image on the Codex I decided to go with dark red on the robe. Having a power weapon, I decided to paint the crystal in the ”orange” colour scheme that I have used earlier.

Asdrubael Vect; Again the front cover on the Codex where used as inspiration. As with Lady Malys, I used the main elements of the army’s colour scheme, trying to add extra detail.

Dark Eldar – Incubus – ØRNULVS APRIL 2012 PROJECT #2

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Finally – done! These guys took a very long time to paint (almost three weeks). 

I decided to continue using my ”blue metalic” colour scheme on the armour, and to vary colours on the weapons and helmets to make them stand out from the rest of the army. I am quite satisfied with how they turned out.

24 April 2012

Capture and Control

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Trond vs Jørn - Eldar vs Chaos

So Jørn and I decided for a game monday afternoon at my place, and Jørn came down to my place. Army lists was written, the table was set lets roll for mission. Capture and Control. Deployment, Spearhead.

Jørn won the initiative, fine by me, and deployd pretty agressive with two rhinos with 10 marines in each with 2 meltaguns. And a vindicator. He kept 8! terminators and one terminator lord, 6 oblitirators and 2x8 demons in reserve deepstrike.
Eldar deployment - pathfinders infiltrate into highground and 2+ cover. The rest in reserve.

Jørn startet by moving forward, full throttle on target for my objective, deep in my quarter of the table.
My turn on was pathfinders trying to find a weak spot on one of the rhinos, and tension was on the rise when one of them came up with Ap1 and an oppertunity to roll an extra dice. But alas, no result.
Chaos turn 2: Deep striking: 2 sqds of oblitirators bang on target right at the center of the table with and excellent fiering arc. 8 demons also joined the party haning back towards the Chaos home objective.
The rhinos again moved forwards toward the Eldar objective and popped smoke. The vindicator followed up in the center. Three oblitirators targeted the pathfinders with their plasma cannons. A total of 3 wounds, and the first of 2 necromunda snake eyes came up. So three of the snipers was consumed in a ball of plasma.

Eldar turn 2: The Autarch orderd his force to fully engange the hostile chaos force advancing, but the warwalkers and one sqd of firedragons was kept wisefully in reserve;)
Since the attacking Chaos force allready was deep in eldar territory, the eldar general utililized the enitre table length, striking at the rear, and side of the chaos force. The result was 3 dead oblitirators, one rhino wrecked and the pathfinders found their mark, and put one in the eye of the oblitirators who had killed his comrades. The last wolly of scatterlasers promptly exploded the vindicator. The Chaos marines in the rhino passed their pinning test (no surprise there) and where ready to retaliate on the warpspiders who had wrecked their rhino.

Chaos turn 3. The chaos lord and his 8 terminators suddenly appeard in the middle of the woods?!:) brandishing their combimeltas (4) of them.The last sqd of demons also appeard, ready to support in the coming close combat at the left flank of the chaos force.
The last chaos rhino moved forward and turned towards the eldar attack ready to counter the advancing eldar.
The terminators went for the fast moving vypers with their meltaguns and combi bolters, exploded one, wrecked another and blew the scatterlaser of the third.
The warpspiders lost 3  spiders to bolter pistol and meltagun fire by the chaos marines who had climbed out of their wreck.
The surviving oblitirators targeted a waveserpent and another necromunda snake eyes came up.
Close combat. The Chaos marines charged the surviving autarch and 4 warpspiders, but before they could react, 2 of their numbers was cut down by the autarch and exarch. Undaunted the marines killed 3 spiders, and the eldar lost close combat by one. This was too much for the Eldar general and he failed his LD 9 breaktest. They disengaged from combat but their warp generators brought them dangerously close to their own table edge - effectively off table :(

Eldar turn 3. Still no warwalkers, but the last firedragonsqd came on. The lone damaged vyper decided that
this was no place to be, and zooomed out of reach and out of sight. The other sqd of 3 vypers moved away from harms way and behind cover, but with an excelente field of fire on the chaos marines.
One waveserpent with 5 direavengers moved at full speed towards the eldar objective, and the other towards the chaos objective. The now 2 firedragon sqds picked out their targets. The last rhino was blown to bits by 4 penetrating AP 1 hits, killing one marine. The Chaos marines who just finished off the Eldar general and his spiders, quickley realiized that 5 meltaguns, where pointing in their direcition. 3 Marines vanished before their comrades eyes. The vypers and a twinlinked starcannon finished of the sqd all together. Jørn was staring to loose troops fast!
The pathfinders put anotherone in the other eye and killed on oblitirator - 2 to go.

Chaos turn 4. Not much to do but try to stop the elusive eldar.  The last marine sqd moved 2 inch out of their wreck and pointed their meltaguns at the speeding waveserpent. The Oblitirators adjusted a bit and fired at the wavserpent which was threatening their objective but failed to damge it. The meltaguns managed a hit, but the blast was could not penetrate through the waveshield of the eldar tank. The demons, assaulted the last firedragonsqd and the waveserpent, as did the chaos marines. The firedragons tried to fend of their attackers, but was hoplessly outnumbered and was dragged down and killed outright. The demons managed to hit the speeding serpent, but failed to do anything but keep it from shooting the next turn. Now the powerfist. 3 attacks, 1 hit! and a penetrating hit. Shaken again:)

Eldar turn 4. At last the warwalkers! The assaulted wavserpent with my valuable troops sped of leaving the marines and the demons out in the open! So time to fire another volley. Twinlinked starcannon, twinlinked scatterlaser and 6 scatterlasers - no more marines. And the demons where too far away to be of any threat to the eldar objective.

Chaos turn 5. Jørn moved his terminators towards his own objective - trying to secure a draw. No surprise.
The oblitirators adjusted again and the demons tried to protect their objective as best they could.
The oblitirators fired their last salvo and wrecked the waveserpnt at their home objective, and the avengers inside was pinned!! No, no, no!!!!!
So what to do?

Eldar turn 5: The vypers moved in and targeted the demons around the chaos objective. The damaged vyper zoomed in and tried to get in range of the chaos objective. The oblitirators was oblitirated by a hail of scatterlaser fire, sniper fire and brightlance fire. The demons went to ground and saved everything that came their way.
No close combat - Jørn picked up a dice and....... 1.......... No turn six. And guess what, the lone damged vyper was within 3 inches of the Chaos objective and contested it!!!!!!!!!
Final result: Eldar 1 - Chaos 0

22 April 2012

Bringing the pain – so fare….

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Since I “finished” my Dark Eldar army (approximately one month ago), I have been able to play 7 games. I will of course add some new units, but I have been very excited on how the “core” of my army (as I imagined it when I started working on it) would perform. One thing is planning, building and painting, another thing is of course to learn how the army works, and this takes time. I am still “a novice” with my Dark Eldar army, but I am fairly satisfied with the first couple of games.

Being used to playing Marines (and Tyranids) the Dark Eldar is something completely different. Already I can say for certain – I just love the Dark Eldar! I have always envied other generals that could use skimmers and field fast moving gun platforms. Ok – they are very fragile, but my good – if they are “allowed to”, the Dark Eldar hits like a ton of bricks (my opinion anyway). After 7 friendly games the tally so far is:

Game 1: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar victory over Inger Helene - Orks
Game 2: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar defeated by Trond - Eldar
Game 3: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar defeated by Andre - Eldar
Game 4: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar victory over Andre - Eldar
Game 5: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar victory over Trond - Eldar
Game 6: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar draw against Trond - Eldar
Game 7: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar draw against Trond - Eldar

Ørnulv - Dark Eldar
Tronds Eldar

I am looking forward to test the army against other armies; so I can learn and adjust my playing style and army composition.

Looking forward to gaming more in the near future (and to finish the last couple of projects I have started…) and to bring forth the pain….


13 April 2012

Eldar CRAFTWORLD projects

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So, after several posts by Ørnulv on his magnificent Dark Eldar, it`s time for a mere mortal hobbist to show of some of my humble projects.

After trying this combo for some games now the miniatures are finally in production mode:)

Biel Tan Craftworld, the most warlike of all the craftworlds, has been without proper leadership and generals for too long now. The farseers are by no means poor generals, and have preformed their dutys well, but it is their that Autarchs gives them a total different tactical flexibility.

My first Autarch is based on a first/second edition Dire Avenger Exarch. This old miniature has a real detail to it, all metal, and my half finished wristmounted fusion gun gives him the sting he needs. For close combat, he is equiped with a powersword and mandiblasters

The second Auarch - 5 edition metal model of an Autuarch with jump generator, scorpion chainsword, mandiblasters and a fusion gun. The Chainsword is replaced with a power weapon and thats it. Sorry about the bad photo quality. Will post proper images when they are done.

This auarchs will soon appear at a gaming table near you!

6 April 2012

Dark Eldar ”Metal-works in progress” – ØRNULVS APRIL 2012 PROJECT # 1

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Although the ”core” of my Dark Eldar army now is complete, I have always planned (and wanted) to add various units, giving me flexibility during gaming, and aiding me in the quest to find a ”standard army list" that suits me.

After my recent encounter with ”Citadel Finecast”, I feel lucky to have bought most of my Dark Eldar model last year during a trip to Dublin, hence many of my models are in metal (witch I obviously favour to the new resin models).

Made from metal, they get ”a heavy feel” in my palm, witch I think suit my Incubus.....

...... all 10 of them:

Next up was one of the most beautiful models in the 40K universe (my opinion anyway), ”The Mistress of the Cult of Strife" – ore simply ”The undisputed champion of the gladiator arenas” – Lelith Hesperax!

One of the named Characters that interested me from day one was the Lady with ”The Crystal Heart”. With 7 attacks on the charge, power weapon, 4+ Invulnerable save and army redeployment rules, I just ”had to have her”.... But what model to use? Jørn helped me find alternative models on the net, and ”we” ended up with a model from the ”Avatars of War” range.

Lady Malys was once upon a time Asdrubael Vect´s consort. Her ”story” and name demanded a ”graceful appearance”. For me that meant no spikes! I actually found that the model (with a repositioned head) portrayed exactly what I imagined. Behold, it is predicted that she could be the one that holds the keys to the demise of Vect - and the fate of Commorragh itself – Arcon of the Poisoned Tongue - Lady Malys:

It was quite an undertaking. Most conversions I have seen are build from the Kabalite Warrior plastic kit. However, having acquired a ”Metal Arcon”, I found it only proper to use that model to create my own Asdrubael Vect – Supreme Overlord of Commorragh:

Inspired by the cover of the Dark Eldar Codex, I re positioned his right arm, using the “soul trap” as an “Obsidian Orb”. Using various plastic parts I created the “Sceptre of the Dark City” – a power weapon that always wounds on 3+! Spikes – I had to give him spikes – and a grim array of poles and spikes with skulls! Still – not wanting to go "over the top", I wanted to be able to use him in tabletop gaming.