13 March 2012

I went to Jørn and....

So time to try and beat Jørn at his home turf with my trusty Eldars..... ooooops. Let`s see: Warwalkers, vypers... check, waveserpents.... check... miniatures.... oh no. NOT again! So what to to. Well Jørn, a veteran gamer of many years, and a collector of warhammer stuff, obviously has more than one army! Crank up army builder and lets gets typing. TAU!

Jørn scurried through his suitcases and in a matter of minutes the complete 2000 pts+ Tau army was laid out in front of me.

What`s a Shas`O or Shas`vre? No idea, but I have to get the grip of this army fast, Jørn is quietly grinning, and I can practically hear Kharn grinning just thinking of how many Tau he is going to offer to the blood god. But having been at the recieving end of a tau gunline, I know what hurts. Key elements. FIREPOWER and lots of it, guided in by markerlights. So Hammerheads, patfinders, stealth suits, crisis suits, and as many firewarriors, devilfishes and sms as I could muster. All led by a Shas `O? (still not sure)

So what can Jørn`s Tau army at the hand of the Eldar general do against Jørn`s sharp end of his chaos army? I feel since Jørn taped the whole game can give a much more accurate battlereport - but some key elements. Pitched battle deployment, Jørn won the initiative, and we are playing capture and controll...? one objective in each deployment zone.

Jørn deployed first, leaning forward towards the Tau gun line. And wouldn`t you know, I picked up the dice for stealing the initiative and: 6! Me first. Round 1, landraider, markerlights, Railcannon S10 AP 1.... Wrecked... :)-


  1. hehe, nice start, interesting choice of army ;) can't wiat for the full report, but I have a feeling where this ends ;)

  2. I get the same feeling as Linus….. Come on; do tell us the rest of the story ;)

  3. I've been working on it, but video editing takes as much time as writing a report.
    ...especially since I've been having a few technical 'challenges' along the way.


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