8 March 2012

Gothic Architecture I - Leftovers

I'm doing a Big Terrain Project this year, but it's taking me forever to summon my ideas from the 'Aether' of my mind into the physical realm of the actual model.

The fact that I haven't really made any terrain (save a dozen or so craters) in a long (long!) while is part of it, and the terrain projects I did do back then were nowhere near as abitious as what I'm working on this time...

To try to work around the problem, I gathered the Pegasus Hobbies' Gothic Buildings bits I had left over after completing the basic structure to see if there was enough for a smaller side-project. You know... The ones you can do to test a few techniques and gather inspiration to be able to move forward with the main project.

Now - a couple of weeks later - the big ruin and the smaller building is nearly completed and ready for paint. I just need to fill the holes in the support coloumns and figure out some way to detail the large flat roof areas. Painting the buildings will have to wait a while even if I do manage to finish building and detailing though. It may be march, but spring is still a ways away.

At least that should give me time to build up a stockpile of buildt-but-unpainted stuff for when the temperature finally rises and the air humidity drops. In the mean time; here's a teaser pic and proof that Ørnulv isn't the only one working away on modelling projects.


  1. Very nice indeed. I`m currently looking for projects to start, but lacking both materials and I guess the right skills - haven`t built much terrain earlier, it`s difficult to find the right inspiration and most important time. So for now I paint my face blue, put on a evil grin and start to scavenge and loot;)

    That aside I am starting a project so will just have to wait and see

  2. Very nice indeed Jørn!

    I had the pleasure of seeing these ruins some time ago (before the floors and roof where added). Large, heavy and a gothic feel to it. I am excited about what colour scheme you choose. Of course the most exiting part will be the even larger structure that you are working on ☺

    When it comes to texture on the roof, may I suggest you have a closer look at the “Plasticard” line of products? They have a large variety of tile structures (and other designs) I think would interest you.

    After finishing my DE army I will certainly start a new terrain project in combination with building new gaming tables. DE terrain will be one of the new projects. Trond, you are more than welcome to join me finding interesting structures and shapes we can utilize, I have a few ideas that does not require to much work!

  3. Thank you both. I think they'll supplement my existing terrain collection nicely.

    Trond: Do you have the 'How to build wargaming terrain' book from GW? It's 'a little' dated, but there's a couple of High Elf terrain pieces in there that I'm sure could be adapted to an Eldar theme.

    Ørnulv: Any plasticard manufacturer in particular I should look at? As for colour schemes... I havent't really though about it, but with the 4-5 inches of snow we got yesterday it may still be a while before I'm able to get them even undercoated anyway.


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