16 March 2012

Dark Eldar Heamonculus – ØRNULV MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 1

Having built these guys some time ago, it was time to finish them (off). When constructing them I decided to live many parts out, the resin parts being very “fragile” (se my Finecast rant).

Feeling they where lacking some details, I added some skulls and chains left over from my Raider projects. Then – it was time to paint. In order to tie them in with the rest of the army I decided to use my standard Kabalite armour colour scheme. The tubes connecting to the Liquefier gun where painted orange to theme them with the Agonisers used by my Wyches Hekatrix. Wanting them to stand out from the rest of the army, a dark red brown scheme was chosen. This is how they turned out:

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  1. Another vary nice couple of miniatures there, but I think you can elevate them a little further.

    I'd try adding a few areas of bruised flesh and inflamed grafts. Not to mention those knives... They're way too clean!!!


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