29 March 2012

Dark Eldar “Gaming essentials” – ØRNULVS MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 3

“Gaming essentials” - to me, anyway!

Having started playing with my new Dark Eldar army, I soon found that I missed some stuff that makes the game “run easier”.

First – and most important, terrain represents exploded Raiders, Ravagers and Venoms (they tend to do that….). Earlier I have made similar area terrain representing various exploded Space Marine tanks. Unfortunately, earlier I made the mistake of choosing a base that was quite tick, and I used too much bits, making it difficult to place infantry models without having them “falling over”. This time I used far less bits and used very thin plasticard, focusing on trying to make them easy to use during gaming.

Next up – object markers. I have struggled a bit with deciding on the concept. The idea emerged when I realized that I probably never would use the infantry models on the sprues from the Ravagers, Raiders and Venoms. Since Dark Eldar is “super fast” and very agile, I thought it only “proper” that they where “high and low” in their search for prey. As it turned out – in my case – higher.

Finally – paint tokens. Very easy to forget. This concept was “a no brainer” to me since I have had this idea all along.

What to do next?


  1. Very nice objectives and counters!

    I'm a little concerned that you've gone a little too far in the direction of simplicity with the exploded vehicle markers. I'd like to have seen a few pieces of hull/fuselage around the edges, but the challenge is, as you touch upon, to find the balance point between Form and Functionality.

    I suppose the only way to know for sure is to playtest them. I think I can promise you that we'll all do what we can to make sure you get as much use out of them as possible.

    As for what's next: I got your Avatars of War minatures in the mail today...

  2. Coool! I loved the pain tokens and the objectmarkers, but especially the pain tokens:) They look mean!!

  3. Really cool objective markers and pain tokens. Have you used a fem bits from the Vampire Counts range on the pain tokens. They looked really sinister and macabre.


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