29 March 2012

Dark Eldar “Gaming essentials” – ØRNULVS MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 3

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“Gaming essentials” - to me, anyway!

Having started playing with my new Dark Eldar army, I soon found that I missed some stuff that makes the game “run easier”.

First – and most important, terrain represents exploded Raiders, Ravagers and Venoms (they tend to do that….). Earlier I have made similar area terrain representing various exploded Space Marine tanks. Unfortunately, earlier I made the mistake of choosing a base that was quite tick, and I used too much bits, making it difficult to place infantry models without having them “falling over”. This time I used far less bits and used very thin plasticard, focusing on trying to make them easy to use during gaming.

Next up – object markers. I have struggled a bit with deciding on the concept. The idea emerged when I realized that I probably never would use the infantry models on the sprues from the Ravagers, Raiders and Venoms. Since Dark Eldar is “super fast” and very agile, I thought it only “proper” that they where “high and low” in their search for prey. As it turned out – in my case – higher.

Finally – paint tokens. Very easy to forget. This concept was “a no brainer” to me since I have had this idea all along.

What to do next?

16 March 2012

Dark Eldar Venom – ØRNULV MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 2

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All armed with 2 X Splinter Cannons. I decided to build upon the colour scheme used on my Raiders and Ravagers. The cockpit glass where painted in silver/black/gloss trying to tie them in with the helmets on the crew on my Raiders and Ravagers. 3 where built with Wych crew that could also represent my Kabalite Trueborn.

Enough said, this is how they turned out:

Dark Eldar Heamonculus – ØRNULV MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 1

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Having built these guys some time ago, it was time to finish them (off). When constructing them I decided to live many parts out, the resin parts being very “fragile” (se my Finecast rant).

Feeling they where lacking some details, I added some skulls and chains left over from my Raider projects. Then – it was time to paint. In order to tie them in with the rest of the army I decided to use my standard Kabalite armour colour scheme. The tubes connecting to the Liquefier gun where painted orange to theme them with the Agonisers used by my Wyches Hekatrix. Wanting them to stand out from the rest of the army, a dark red brown scheme was chosen. This is how they turned out:

13 March 2012

I went to Jørn and....

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So time to try and beat Jørn at his home turf with my trusty Eldars..... ooooops. Let`s see: Warwalkers, vypers... check, waveserpents.... check... miniatures.... oh no. NOT again! So what to to. Well Jørn, a veteran gamer of many years, and a collector of warhammer stuff, obviously has more than one army! Crank up army builder and lets gets typing. TAU!

Jørn scurried through his suitcases and in a matter of minutes the complete 2000 pts+ Tau army was laid out in front of me.

What`s a Shas`O or Shas`vre? No idea, but I have to get the grip of this army fast, Jørn is quietly grinning, and I can practically hear Kharn grinning just thinking of how many Tau he is going to offer to the blood god. But having been at the recieving end of a tau gunline, I know what hurts. Key elements. FIREPOWER and lots of it, guided in by markerlights. So Hammerheads, patfinders, stealth suits, crisis suits, and as many firewarriors, devilfishes and sms as I could muster. All led by a Shas `O? (still not sure)

So what can Jørn`s Tau army at the hand of the Eldar general do against Jørn`s sharp end of his chaos army? I feel since Jørn taped the whole game can give a much more accurate battlereport - but some key elements. Pitched battle deployment, Jørn won the initiative, and we are playing capture and controll...? one objective in each deployment zone.

Jørn deployed first, leaning forward towards the Tau gun line. And wouldn`t you know, I picked up the dice for stealing the initiative and: 6! Me first. Round 1, landraider, markerlights, Railcannon S10 AP 1.... Wrecked... :)-

8 March 2012

Gothic Architecture I - Leftovers

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I'm doing a Big Terrain Project this year, but it's taking me forever to summon my ideas from the 'Aether' of my mind into the physical realm of the actual model.

The fact that I haven't really made any terrain (save a dozen or so craters) in a long (long!) while is part of it, and the terrain projects I did do back then were nowhere near as abitious as what I'm working on this time...

To try to work around the problem, I gathered the Pegasus Hobbies' Gothic Buildings bits I had left over after completing the basic structure to see if there was enough for a smaller side-project. You know... The ones you can do to test a few techniques and gather inspiration to be able to move forward with the main project.

Now - a couple of weeks later - the big ruin and the smaller building is nearly completed and ready for paint. I just need to fill the holes in the support coloumns and figure out some way to detail the large flat roof areas. Painting the buildings will have to wait a while even if I do manage to finish building and detailing though. It may be march, but spring is still a ways away.

At least that should give me time to build up a stockpile of buildt-but-unpainted stuff for when the temperature finally rises and the air humidity drops. In the mean time; here's a teaser pic and proof that Ørnulv isn't the only one working away on modelling projects.

4 March 2012


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New years resolutions

One of my New years resolutions was to play at least one game every two weeks. As it turned out, by the end of January I had played – 0 – zero! Building and painting as a mad man, I finally decided to take a break and start to play again.

First out was a game against Necrons (Per). My beloved Ultramarines scored 2 – 1. Then a rather silly/funny game against Jørn where I substituted my Terminators with Honour Guard, Callgar himself etc because I had left parts of my army at home. I "had to" concede… Then we went on playing a more serious game, fielding one of my standard lists. Again the Ultramarines managed a win, 7 – 4 (this was actually a much closer game than the points tally would indicate). All of these games are covered in previously published battle reports.

Next up was a battle against Dark Eldar.

Ultramarines (Ørnulv) vs Dark Eldar (André) 1750p

Capture and Control – Spearhead

I of course enjoy playing with and against André, however this battle, or should I say “Mission”, loses its “tension” and is very predictable if both armies “castle” around its own objective (main strategy).

The Dark Eldar force did exactly that, so also the Ultramarines. Andre deployed all of his army safely in cover behind the largest building in his deployment zone (on top of his objective).

In the opposite corner the Ultramarines deployed its gun line, the tanks taking cover as best they could.

During round 1 – 3 parts of The Dark Eldar Army advanced towards the Ultramarines using ruins as cover on two flanks. The main force guarded the “home objective” adjusting its positions in order to give support fire. The Venoms and Dark Lances managed to destroy a Razorback and annihilate a Devastator Squad. But the advance was not an all out assault, resulting in that the Ultramarines Razor spam list, supported by the 3 Devastator Squads, shot down every Raider/Venom/Ravagers in the Dark Eldar army. The Dark Eldar retreated and surrounded its “home objective”.

During round 4 – 6 the Ultramarines started its advance towards the Dark Eldar objective. This had been the plan all along. Use the gun line to strip the Dark Eldar of its manoeuvrability and most important of all – to “ground” the 2 units of Incubus. However, when both the Rhino and Razorbacks that was to spearhead the advance got “stuck” in difficult terrain the assault was no real threat to the Dark Eldar "defence force". With Lords, Incubus and a potent number of warriors guarding the objective, the handful of Ultramarines that would have gotten close had there been a round 7 where gunned down. If only 2 Razorbacks and the Rhino could have tank shocked in turn 6, and assault in a possible round 7 – if only….

We kept our spirit up, but decided next time to include kill points to this so often – tie scenario!

Result: Ultramarines 1 – Dark Eldar 1 – Draw

Next up it was time to meat Trond´s Craft world Eldar.

Ultramarines (Ørnulv) vs Biel Tan (Trond) 1750p

Seize Ground – Pitched Battle 4 objectives (one in each table quarter)

Eldar went first. This time it would be the Razor spam army that would meet a “gun line army”. And as always, when the elves do something, they are good at it!

Not much to write home about (for the Ultramarines part anyway). This Eldar army excels against small units and tanks with low armour value. Volley after volley of S6 shots picked the Ultramarines army apart, one unit at the time. And with yet again bad dice rolls (I hate dice, could I not at least manage to roll avarage?) the shots found it’s pray.

In round 4 the remaining Ultramarines started to advance against two of the objectives hoping for a draw. Unfortunately they where to few, and the Eldar general showed just how good he is at finishing of the opponent when he has turned the game to his favour making the enemy fight on his terms.

Did I say finish off? Oh no – Three brave Ultramarines defied the Eldar! More of us will be coming witch, this planet will be ours! Next time Trond, next time…

Result: Ultramarines 0 – Craft world Eldar 3


After having played zero games at the end of January, I have managed to put in 4 (5) games during February, having played enough games towards my goal for 2012 (january and february). 2 Victories, 1 Draw and 1 Loss (2 if my funny army battle is included). Good games and a nice start to the gaming year of 2012. I guess this tally will go up once my Dark Eldar army is finished. The battle bunker is ready guys!