26 February 2012

What do you mean the Teleportarium is out of commission?!?

As our regular readers will know, Ørnulv has been building and painting like a madman since before Christmas. This has resulted in a lot of really nice models, but he hasn't been getting many games in... This had to be remedied, and the obvious solution was to do an all-nighter with me.

After sitting around an chatting for a bit, we decided to make a 1750pts list each and roll up a standard mission. It was only when he started to unpack the models he needed that Ørnulv discovered that the only models he hadn't brought along was the Terminators. A quick Tearing-off-hair-from-head later, and Marius' Callgirl... err... Marneus Calgar showed up with his Honour Guard to take the place of one Terminator squad, while Chaplain Desticado scrounged up a handfull of Veterans.

The lists looked a little like this:

Marneus Calgar with Honour Guard in Land Raider (blue).
Chaplain Desticado with Veterans in Land Raider (black).
Combat squad in Razorback (Tl. Lascannon)
Combat squad in Razorback (Tl. Lascannon)
Combat squad in Razorback (Tl. Lascannon)

Daemon Prince with MoT, Wings, Bolt of Change & Warptime.
Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Heavy Flamer
Full Berzerker squad in Rhino
CSM squad with PFist, 2 Meltaguns & Icon in Rhino
CSM squad with PFist, 2 Meltaguns & Icon in Rhino
Minimum squad of Summoned Lesser Daemons (with a picnic basket)
Full Obliterator squad
Full Obliterator squad

We rolled the Capture & Control mission with five objectives, and Pitched Battle deployment. Winning the roll-off for initiative, I chose the western table edge and spread my Word Bearers out along the edge of my deployment zone. Ørnulv clustered around the ruin just south of the road, with jus one Razorback on the far south end of his deployment zone.

Ørnulv did not manage to steal the initiative.

Turn one
I moved my entire army, except a Fire Frenzied Dreadnought and the Obliterators on the roof of the ruin in my deployment zone, forward popping smoke and staying in cover as much as possible. The Daemon Prince managed to Immobilize Marneus' Land Raider and the Obliterators in the Ruin Destroyed the northernmost Razorback.

Ørnulv moved Desticado's Land Raider up six inches and turned it towards the two Rhinos speeding down the road, destroying the lead vehicle. One of the Obliterators in the Ruin also too a Lascannon shot through the chest.

Turn two
My daemons popped in behind my rearmost Rhino, and went to cover near the closest objective. The debussed CSM squad moved north towards another objective. The Daemon Prince flew over next to one of the Razorbacks, preparing to shoot and/or assault it. My Obliterators Immobilized and Stunned The second Land Raider...

...and at this point Ørnulv called it. I'm not sure exactly how many dice he'd thrown thus far in the game, but far more than his fair share had come up ones. In stead of continuing a pointless game Ørnulv forfeited so he could dig up the Razorspam list instead, and we could play a proper game...


  1. At least I tried. My army list concept where based upon two units of Assault Terminators in Land raiders. However, as you mention, I had forgotten my #4 army case – hence no Terminators. What to do! Why not try something out of the box. Clearly to use over 350p on HQ choices, and over 250p on “special units” in a 1750p is kind of…. And when I rolled only ones and two’s on my D6 it was time to end the madness. Time for a bear and a new game…

    1. Yes, you did give it a go. I still think you could have given me a run for it - given the mission and the positions of the objectives - by doing damage control for a couple of turns before pouncing.

      Still... I don't blame you for throwing in the towel. We were there to play and have fun, both of us, after all.


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