6 February 2012

40K Abroad - GW in Berlin

Berlin. Sure, the history and pictures are impressive, but nothing beats visiting the real thing.

Sure, there are still areas suffering from the destruction after WWII, and even the sad attempt to rebuild parts of the city under communism. However, the majority of the old buildings that had a potential to be rebuilt, are rebuilt (one can still se plenty of bullet holes although they are “repaired”). Still there are buildings under renovation. Even during this process the Germans pay attention to "detail". Canvas showing the building, as it will look after restoring, is hung all around the supporting structures. I love London, but the gothic style of the colossal buildings, all surrounded by wide roads (streets), wide pavements and green midsections, makes this city stand out! A city full of life, hope and expectation of the future. Full of restaurants, museums and excellent shopping facilities, indeed a city worth visiting!

A visit to one of the local GW stores is mandatory. So after a couple of beers I found one of the local GW shops only 500m from my hotel. The store was quite big, with 6 gaming tables, a large painting table and combined demo table. Lots of people visited on the Saturday when the new LOTR supplements where revealed. As always the “crew” where service minded. It was a little odd to se all the books etc in German (only forge world books and black library books where in English). What disappointed me was the table view standard of the models on display, and that most of the players were allowed to field unpainted (ore even unsprayed) models. Kudos on the standard in GW Oslo (models on display and on their gamming tables).

Nonetheless, the EURO was favourable, and therefore some items found its way into my suitcase. The most impessive "item" in the store was this full size Space Marine:

Fore those with an historical interest, I enclose a photo of me in front of the Reichstag. A building that was close to destroyed – still under reconstruction – a true inspiration fore new Imperial terrain projects! And I must admit - standing on the stairs one cant help feeling the urge to build an imperial guard army (of course with no reference to the darkness this building has witnessed in the past in reality - intended!).

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