21 February 2012

40K Abroad - Games Workshop Paris "14e"

Once again, Trond and I took les Dames abroad - except it could really be the other way around. Never mind that though! Let's do a quick synopsis before we get to the object of this article.

Day one we got up almost before we went to bed to catch an early flight from Oslo to Paris. We went out for breakfast after having checked in at the hotel, and then spent most of the day exploring the spectacular example of gothic architecture that is Notre Dame de Paris. We started the second day by climbing the 660 stairs up to the Eiffel Tower's second level followed by the 130 steps down into the Catacombes de Paris. Amazing experiences both of them, each in a very different way. I can't quite seem to get my head around the fact that there's more people interred in the catacombs than there are alive in Norway today.

Anyway... We finally had time to stop by a GW store while the She-who-comes-first went shopping on their own - to make sure we didn't dare stay too long, I suspect. As we stepped through the door we we greeted by Antoine. He graciously showed us whatever we wanted to have a peek at from the cabinet. What really piqued our interest was this:

By combining an Arachnarok Spider and a Tervigon kits, they had created a rather unique creature to represent a Scythed Hierodule. I especially enjoyed how the Arachnarok face had been integrated with the Tervigon head.

Antoine also showed us the store Necron army and his own Dark Eldar; the Cult of the Bared Breast. How's that for a French Connection? ;)

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