25 February 2012

Ultramarines vs Necrons

Ultramarines (Ørnulv) vs Necrons (Per) 2000p

Seize Ground – Spearhead
4 Objects – one in each table quarter – in cover (ruins).

"Although brand new versions of the Necrons have been detected, we trust and pledge our faith in the Emperor of mankind, and in the old Codex Astartes. We shall not yield!"
- Chaplain Desticado Ultramarines 2 Company


The Ultramarines deployed first, in the southeast part of the battlefield, taking cover behind a large ruined building. No reserves! The Necrons entered the battlefield to the north vest, and would partially be forced to advance over a narrow channel (difficult terrain). A Doomsday Ark towering in the corner, flanked by units of warriors and in the centre of the table Immortals. Imoteck and a Necron Warriors unit taking cover inside the building in the north vest sector, guarding the Necron “home objective”. In forward position to units of Canoptek Scarabs backed up by 3 Canoptek Spyders. A unit of Destroyers and 2 Necron Warrior units where kept in reserve.


Imotekh the Storm lord decided not to press forth, so the Ultramarines kept the initiative. Chaplain Desticado Assault Marines moved vest taking cover behind a building and closing in on the objective in the south vest table quarter. Behind them, a Dreadnought and a Rhino with Tactical Marines. In centre, 2 Vindicators and a Razorback with Combat squad adjusted their position. Heading northeast a Rhino with Tactical marines, a Razorback with Combat Squad, a Vindicator and Assault Marines. It was dark! The centre Vindicator located one of the Scarab Swarms and turned on the searchlight. Only a handful of Scarab swarms survived the opening barrage.
Imotekh called upon the wrath in the skies – and thunderbolts of lightning fell upon the Ultramarines. However only one unit was hit, the Assault Squad with Chaplain Desticado to south vest. The lighting bolts managed only to penetrate one of the marine’s power armour. The Doomsday cannon unleashed its energy and blew the tracks of one of the centre Vindicator’s. The Spyders spawned new scarabs, and the swarm advanced towards the centre of the battlefield (behind cover). The warriors on the northwest flank advanced south.


Imotekh concentration broke! Both darkness and the electric storms were gone. To the southwest the Assault Marines adjusted their position behind the building with objective inside it, followed by a Dreadnought that was flanked by a Rhino. In centre the Razorback and one Vindicator adjusted their position facing the advancing Scarabs. To the east the Assault Marines moved forward taking cover behind a huge pile of rubble mid table quarter, flanked by a Rhino (popping smoke) and a Dreadnought. The Razorback to the east decided to go full speed after them, but the tracks jammed. Damn! Again the Ultramarines concentrated their fire on the Scarab units, killing several. The Razorback in centre did not manage to hurt the Doomsday Ark.
The enormous Doomsday Cannon opened fire, managing to tear the tracks of the second Vindicator in south centre (fortunately for the Ultramarines, both Vindicators in centre south had a good firing position towards the centre of the battlefield). The Spyders once again spawned new swarms before heading south. The Scarab swarms closed in on the Ultramarines tank line. One more turn and… To the vest the Warrior unit advanced south heading for the building with the object in the south vest corner. Entering from reserve to the northeast, two units of Warriors with a Crypteck. They unleashed their fire on the Rhino, tearing of its bolter and its tracks.


Fore the Emperor! Chaplain Desticado and his Assault marines surged forward (over the build in the south vest corner), facing the Necron Warrior unit, and assaulted them. Several Necron warriors where killed, but the unit managed to hold they ground, as splintered metal parts re emerged as new warriors almost returning the unit to its starting number. To the north east the Assault Marines unleashed their flamers, assaulted and cut down one of the Necron warrior units. The Tactical Squad inside the Rhino disembarked, opened fire, and assaulted the second warrior unit. Necron Warriors and their Crypteck managed to hold their ground as metal parts once more re emerged as new warriors. The Razorback to the southeast and the Dreadnoughts combined fire with all 3 Vindicators, killing all but one Scarab. Again the Razorback in centre opened fire on the Doomsday Ark, but did not manage to penetrate the Quantum Shielding. The Rhino in centre vest moved a little forward.

A massive bolt of energy tore a hole in the engine compartment, crippling the Razorback in south centre’s engine (this was the third bulls eye!). The Scarab attacked the Rhino in centre, but did not manage to inflict damage. The Spyders centre vest assaulted Chaplain Desticado and his Assault Marines who where locked in combat with the Necron Warrior unit they had assaulted. In the battle several Necron Warriors fell, but the Spyders managed to kill several Ultramarines and the battle ended in a tie. To the north east a Destroyer unit entered the battlefield opening fire and assaulting the Assault Marines. Marines fell, but held their ground. The Necron Warrior unit to the northeast (locked with the Tactical Squad) did not, and where cut down.


Damn little things! The Dreadnought to the centre have had enough of the annoying little boggers, attacked and killed the remaining Scarab swarm! To the vest all but Chaplain Desticado fell to the wrath of the Spyders and remaining Necron Warriors. Deciding he could be needed later elsewhere, Desticado decided to withdraw and left the combat to the south. In centre the Vindicators did not have range to any targets, and popped smoke claming cover from the Doomsday Ark. The Razorback centre could yet again not manage to damage the Doomsday Ark. To the Northeast the Dreadnought and Tactical squad moved vest-entering cover next to the object in the northeast table quarter. The fight between the Assault marines and the Destroyer unit continued without a decisive outcome. The Combat Squad inside the immobilized Razorback to the southeast recognised the danger the Assault Marines and Tactical squad to the northeast where in, embarked and surged towards them.
The Spyders to the west moved towards the building in the south vest corner. Behind them the remaining Necron Warriors. They tried to gun down Chaplain Desticado who lost a wound. The Immortals in north centre moved east potentially threatening the Tactical unit close to the object in the northeast sector. The Doomsday Ark – missed (for the first time). The Destroyers and Assault Marines continued their close combat, again without decisive outcome.


Chaplain Desticado closed in on the object in the south vest corner, ready to assault the remaining Necron Warriors/contest the objective if they tried to advance on the objective in turn 6. The centre Dreadnought entered the same ruin ready to support him if the Spyders covered the Necron Warriors possible advance. The Rhino in centre moved flat out closing in on the channel to the north vest. If they’re where to be a turn 6 the Tactical squad inside could potentially threaten the Necron warriors unit holding the Necron “home objective”. The Tactical Squad to the northeast centre surrounded the objective in that sector, and the Dreadnought took position to come between them and the Destroyers should the Assault squad fall. The Combat Squad closed in ready to support them. The Dreadnoughts and Razorback east opened fire against the Immortals in centre north – annihilating them!
The Doomsday Ark opened fire but did not manage to destroy the Rhino closing in on the Necron “home objective”. The Spyders now close to the building to the south vest, supported the Necron Warriors to the south vest. Finally the Destroyers managed to kill the remaining Assault marines to the north east, preparing themselves for turn 6.

The host rolled a dice – it was over.

Ultramarines 2 – Necrons 1

Comment: Having acquired the “new” Necron Codex, having fought them and read about them on the net, I do think this is an army to be reckoned with. Ad to that – “easy painting” with lots of cool models yet to come – why not?

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  1. Nice to see these lads on the table again.
    Looks like a fun and nail biting game. Nice miniatures and a very impressive table.
    The Blue marines shine as good as usual. Great to see the doomsday ark on the table and some Scarabs......

    Hope to face some of you soon with the Greater Good or the Mighty Imperial Guard


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