20 February 2012

Team Stormbolter went to Paris, France

And I didn`t even get a t-shirt!;)

I guess Jørn will take over later on - posting pictures and stuff, but for now - my humble report.

Jørn and I visited one of the GW stores in Paris. I guess our wives kinda hoped we wouldn`t find it, but Jørn had visited google and marked of "the importent" sights before departure.
We found a helpful frenchman with som really cool miniatures - Jørn, pictures please:) From my point of view, I think that the approach to the game is very similar both in France and in Norway. Making cool conversions, building a strong, good army and having fun.
The store was a bit on the small side, but a couple of gaming tables (not full size) and a paint station should take care of most of it.

Anyway shopping at GW is not always the cheapes option, but I got away with 2 warwalkers at 50 Euro. A bargain compared to Norwegian prices. So now there will be 6 of them
Jørn - take it away!

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