10 February 2012

Dark Eldar Raiders - ØRNULVS FEBRUARY 2012 PROJECT # 1

My “first Dark Eldar army list” includes 4 Raiders with Dark Lances. I wanted to unite the Raiders with the Infantry units I have made, so I constructed the crew on 2 Raiders with standard Kabalite armour and 2 with Kabalite/Wych armour. The latter could of course be used transporting Kabalite Warriors, but theme well with both my Wych units and Trueborn Units.

Painting Raiders takes a lot longer time than I had planned. The metal/lining colour scheme was a whole other undertaking on a larger model. In addition the process also meant painting 8 infantry models.

Filled with hate, rage, and the need to feed on others pain and fear, I recon the Dark Eldar will start mutilating and torturing as soon as possible (not waiting until they return to Commorragh after a raid). I therefore implemented elements of mutilated bodies and severed heads on the Raider decks. These could of course also represent “Grisly trophies”. So how did the Raiders turn out?

My 2 Kabalite Warrior Raiders:

Mutilated bodies, spilled guts and severed heads:

More gory details….

Close up of one of the "Wych/Trueborn Raiders":

The finished ”Raider Fleet”:

What to do next?


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    Finally he's getting around to the vehicles. I've been wondering just how the paint scheme was going to 'transfer' from the infantry to the skimmers... As far as I can see, it's coming along wery nicely.

    I do have a couple of nitp... err... constructive critisisms however:
    - Give the glyphs on the Shock Prows a contrasting colour. A in coat of gold and a carefull drybrush of silver, for example.
    - Pick out the 'thorns' around the hull and on the mast like you've done the vanes and blades underneath the Raiders.

    As for what's next... What do you really have left to do now besides Venoms and Ravagers?

  2. At lest one of TSB members appreciates “hard wok”, and thank you for positive and constructive feedback Jørn ☺

    However, again the lighting does not “bring justice” to all the details. The glyphs do stand more out (silver) than it appears, and the spikes/thorns ARE in silver (you can see this on the last photo). I have been very conservative when using complementary colours, and since the glyphs on the arms of my Kabalite Warriors are silver-blue, my initial plan was to keep everything unified. But using Tin Bitz is something I would consider if I decide to “re-visit” once the army is finished.

    As far as “what to do next” concerns, I must admit the Raiders was quite an undertaking to build and paint (lots of parts and “models”). I am therefore suddenly uncertain what to do. The Razorwing fighter, the Ravagers, the Incubus, The Arcons, Lelith, converting models into: the Duke, the Lady or Weckt? Ore maybe some Hellions (cool models ore some bikes) or take a break from models to make some Dark Eldar terrain? I am not sure; I need to catch my breath…. ☺

    1. De ble kjempe flotte!!!! Seiler opp som en av mine favoritt modeller av alle du har malt:)

  3. I really think they are outstanding. Jugding by what I have seen before on pictures and afterwards live on the tabeltop, these Raiders are gonna be a focuse point of an amazing army!
    The look great!! So are you ready to pick a fight with a worthy enemy and not the pathetic Mon-keigh;)
    Looking forward to a game soon

  4. fantastic job, Ørnulv! much love and hate here :) Like the light building up to shadows on the hull of the vehicles. the details are very nice. would love to beat them sometime...

  5. Sorry for my late comment here. Looks rather stunning in my opinion, and I can see how much work have been done in the shading and highlighting of the skimmers. Well done Ørnulv.


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