22 February 2012

Dark Eldar Ravagers – ØRNULV FEBRUARY 2012 PROJECT # 2

Tired – but happy!

The last 14 days I have been working on my 3 Heavy choices. The 3 Ravagers was an even bigger undertaking than the 3 Raiders. Firstly the construction was much more difficult as I needed to paint various parts before final assembly. Secondly, the parts are so “fragile” I hade to make “field repairs” on several occasions. Thirdly these models do not only consist of 3 vehicles with various parts in positions difficult to paint and highlight, but meant building and painting 12 crewmembers. I must admit though, that the pain is worth it! GW has definitely maid some beautiful models when creating the new range of Dark Eldar models.

The weapon platforms are removable so I can build separate turrets with different weapons. Enough said, this is how they turned out:


  1. Very nice:) I really like the modells, but I don´t think my boyz will like meeting them in battle.. On the other hand, as long as someone dies the boyz are happy;) So, I´m looking forward to play against you when your army is finished.

  2. Trés chic!

    So... What's still in the cupboard now? The jetfighters, I suppose... and Venoms! They're probably already sitting on your hobby table aren't they?

  3. Well, this army will set a new standard in army painting and modeling. I am proud to be part of a gaming team with so many beutiful painted armies, but this one stands out from the rest. But I don`t think any of your models react nicely to 60 some s6 shots ;)

  4. Again, thanks for all the positive feedback ☺ Rest assure – it was hard earned!

    Next up are my 5 Venoms. I also have to finish my 2 HQ. After that the Razorwing Jetfighter and Incubus. I guess the Incubus will go first so that I have some close combat units to choose from.

    I am also Trond proud of being part of a gaming team who shows so much interest in the groups members various activities, and that holds such a high standard when it comes to army builds, building/converting and painting, terrain and gaming boards and not at least – the fluff!! Add to that that we all team up on private occasions – yes we are fortunate indeed!


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