5 January 2012


For a longer time Lord Macragge Marneus Callgar has accepted Ortan Cassius minor deviation from the Codex Astartes in his quest to perfect tactics and weapons to purge the galaxy from the “Mankind’s rightful punishment for their lack of vigilance – The Tyranids.

As part of this quest, Cassius younger apprentice, WolffGard, has developed new skills during a recent stay with their battle brothers on their home planet “Nocturne”. Cassius is certain the Ultramarines would benefit from these skills, and wanted WolffGard to educate his fellow Ultramarines so that they under certain circumstances can use the same Chapter Tactics as the Salamanders.

The alteration comes at a price, but Callgar knows that there shall yet be another reckoning between the Ultramarines and Tyranids (and similar greater threats to mankind), and that Cassius followers may then be the key to final victory! Callgar again sanctioned Cassius request!


  1. What's this all about then?
    Are you making an Ultramarine Vulkan He'stan counts-as?


  2. Oh do shut up Kharn......;) Let him explore his power armour and find his inner self and have a melt(a)down

    On the other hand I expect to face off with green marines next time.

  3. I don't care if the 2nd company captain takes the teachings of the Codex Astartes so lightly as to adopt the teachings of another primarch over those of his own...

    I welcome the opportunity to go up against a 'Cryptoblepharus egeriare' army (Too obscure?), but I'm just yanking Ø's chain while I'm waiting for some pics.

  4. Dear Trond- Thanks dude!

    Jørn – a question: “When you decided to use Kharn with your Word Bearers army, did you not (during tourneys etc) give him a new name but paid the points and using his stat line….” If this is true….. ;)

    Seriously guys; the new space marines codex is only 6 months away, and I do hope that it will allow fore “more over all tactical choices” (as the former one did). Also – remember – I field black Land raiders and Vindicators – as I firmly believe that Chaplain Wolffgard, as I regard as Cassius apprentice, are allowed slighter deviations in order to improve the performance of the “MarinesMarines” (Ultra Marines), so that they may purge the galaxy in the most effective way!

    After all, Horus did not like the Ultramarines at all! Was this only because they where to “nice” ore because they are ambitious and disciplined warriors able to adapt?

    As long as Marneus Callgar has not been in contact, I think that he approves (in silence).

  5. I don't think we should continue this discussion here, where the purely written medium makes raised eyebrows and teasing half-smiles rather hard to convey.

    Instead I'll be happy to explain my interpretation of the Ultramarine way of thinking (and of making war) over a glass or two - perhaps immediately after your Chaplain Wolffgard has tried to have his way with my Kratos Drak'ftae.

    I'm sure it could make for a fun game and an interesting discussion.

  6. I really can’t see the problem, after all – it is just a “hobby”. Or could this be happening in another dimension or time line? Now that is a topic I would love to explore over a glass or two… ☺


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