11 January 2012

Dark Eldar Haemonculus - ØRNULVS JANUARY 2012 PROJECT # 2

After having spent considerable time on the 30 Wyches, I decided it was time for variation and a much smaller and quicker project. I therefore decided to build my two Haemonculus (HQ).

To date GW only produce two Heamonculus models. Urien Rakarth and a more “standard” Heamonculus (both Citadel Finecast). This is the first time I work with the “new” Citadel Finecast models. Sorry, I don’t like them. A lot of flashing and moulding lines has to be fixed, and the new resin is really “fragile” and “crisp”. Thank good my combat Arcon, Lelith and 10 Incubus models are in metal (for a future project when I receive more slate from Jørn and after the transports are built).

I decided not to use al the components in the kits, minimising the number of arms and gismos that probably would break during tabletop gaming. I use both models as "normal Heamonculus" so I they have to poses. I also decided to fix the hovering models by using brass rod rather than the standard “snake like tendrils” - in resin. Both are built with Liquefier gun (one from spare Scourges parts).

Looking forward to paint them :)


  1. Power from pain. Looking good

    1. Indeed! GW's Haemonculi models do have a lot of details, so doing these 'cut down' versions seems a good idea in order to be able to get them done.
      Lots more skin on these models compared to the rest of the army too, so making them stand out shouldn't be a problem anyway.


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