10 January 2012

Dark Eldar Wyches – complete - ØRNULVS JANUARY 2012 PROJECT # 1

Happy new year (indeed)!

The Wyches proved to be quite a challenge to paint (for me anyway). The models are full of details, form the small spikes on the “Spandex suit” to the partial ”Kabalite armour”.

To make the Wyches units “blend” in with the rest of my Dark Eldar “infantry units” I decided to paint the armour in the same style as the Kabalite / Ghost Plate armour on my Warriors and Scourges. In order to give them a distinct look I decided to paint the Spandex suit black, using layers of dark greys to make definition. Using various washes and layers it proved quite a challenge to keep the to colour schemes separate. Equipment was also painted in the same style as the other units, however focusing on cold steel colours as I recon these “gladiators” use the best steel available “in the grim darkness of the fare future….”

I spent quite some time before I decided on the hair colour. I didn’t want to use the standard “read scheme” as I want to create my own look. 75% of my Wyches are females (of course). All of them with beautiful attributes that I painted to the best of my abilities using the very best of photos as reference…). Since the lenses on my Warriors and Scourges are “orange”, I first decided to paint “the girls” hair orange. However, after input from Inger Helene, I decided to paint one model with “black” hair and compare to orange before I decided. A good advise (in my opinion anyway). The colour I use on the skin of my Dark Eldar looks much “sicker” with dark hair than with a lighter / orange colour. I therefore decided to use my Trueborn hair / colour scheme implementing “orange” on the Agonisers instead (in an attempt to implement orange in each unit).

Enough verbal description, this is how they tuned out; 30 Wyches finished. I hope you enjoy these photos /models.

What to build and paint next?


  1. Amazing. Really cool models, really cool poses, and an awsome paint job. I`m not worthy!!! I can`t wait to see them, the rest of the army lined up and ready to hopefully kick som Mon-keigh ass! But the dark kin will not prevail, because the true path is hidden from you;)

  2. Painting pale skin on arms and legs is quite an other prospect than on faces, isn't it?

    Still - they're looking very lovely indeed! I think the eyes are working out too, giving them that soulless/merciless look.

    As for what's next... There's got to be some vehicles in the works if you want to be able to get them on the table anytime soon.

  3. Herregud, så god jobb du har gjort her. Alt fra positur til detaljmaling i ansiktene! En fantastisk unit. Uten at jeg kjenner codexen, så antar jeg at de ikke er bare snille ;)


  4. Thanks for the positive feedback guys ☺

    I notice that many comments on my army progress – urging me to finish so I can start to play.

    This time I want to take the time to get the army (models) built and painted to the best of my ability! I enjoy exploring new methods and creating my own colour scheme, rather than assemble and paint in order to field them in battle (as I have done to many times in the past).

    That said, I do not think my progress has been that slow. Since mid September I have built and painted 101 infantry models! Rest assure – I do look forward to fielding my Dark Eldar army, and I hope to do so by mid winter.

    In the meantime I can use my beloved Marines (or Nids).


  5. De ble kjempefine!!! Gleder meg til å se hele armeen ferdig:)


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