6 December 2011

Dark Eldar Scourges - ØRNULVS DECEMBER PROJECT # 1

After yet another hectic period at work, I finally managed to finish my 3 units with 5 Scourges each, armed with 3 Shard Carbines and 2 Splinter Cannons.

The wings were a challenge. What colours to use? The Scourges undergo sever physical altering. Bone structure is hollowed out, steel implanted and wings attached with cylinders containing chemicals that “fuels the flight”!

Having used a rather pale grey-brown colour on the skin of my Kabalite Trueborn, I decided to use almost the same colour on the wings, trying to mimic use of organic material. I also painted details metal to implement the metal structure beneath the grown flesh and feathers.

I still haven’t been able to get hold of a new camera (or a better location) to take better photos, however I wanted to post various pictures during the paint process.

First I painted the wings and head feathers:

Then I painted the armour and gave it a wash:

The armour is dry brushed after hard lining and all the details and the base finished:

Here – all 3 squads together:

What to do next?


  1. Three days and no comments yet...
    That's pretty weak, guys!

    Love the colour on the wings, and I can see the armour has the same sharp quality as the previous models.

    As for what's next... Didn't you say something about Wyches? ...or are you considering a change of pace, and a few vehicles?

  2. No comments.. blame it on December perhaps?....

    I don`t think a new camera is needed as much as a different angel perhaps? or maybe pick out singel miniature and foucs on that.
    Anyway, I expect these scourges to be just as good as the rest of the Dark Eldar army so far - Eavy Metal Master class!


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