25 December 2011

A kind of Chrismas card...

Ho, ho, ho... Chrismas eve has come and gone. In just a few more hours now the presents should have been opened all across the western hemisphere.

The next few days should be dedicated to relaxation with family and friends, perhaps pondering a new year's resolution or two. There are the usual health/school/work related ones, but we shouldn't miss this opportunity to set ourself a hobby-goal or two as well. I've got a handfull in mind myself, but I'll hold off a few more days before posting them in the comments below.

In the mean time, I'd like to whish you all a continued merry Christmas-season on behalf of the Team.

Stay tuned for the New Year's resolutions!
(...and do feel free to post your own.)


  1. Oh merry x-mas to you to....bastard;)

  2. You're very welcome, Panzee! :D

    I see nobody else took the bait and posted any New Year's Hobby Resolutions, so I guess I'll have to go first:

    For the year 2012, I resolve...

    ...to actually finish my Basilica de Veteris project. (I know I haven't posted anything about that here, so I guess I also resolve to do something about that too.

    ...to finally decide on how I want to model my Traitor Guard guardsmen, stop procrastinating and finish at least 2000 points. This army will be the main focus of my monthly projects for next year.

    ...to play at least 40 games of Warhammer 40.000, not counting tournament games.

    So, how's that? Anyone else care to join in? I'm sure I can come up with a few suggestions if anyone wants'em... ;)

  3. Greeting!

    This has been a very strange year for me, with far less hobby activity than I had hoped. Sure – I increased both my Ultramarines army and my Nids army, but other events (mostly work and moving) delayed my work with my Dark Eldar army. So, for 2012, I resolve….

    …. Finishing my Dark Eldar army (at least 3000p)

    …. Building two more city terrain peaces (for variety)

    …. Hosting at least 3 TSB battle bunker events + Kjerringvik weekend event in august

    …. Trying to play at least one 40k game every 14. Day

    …. Attending the Invasion tourney in September

    …. Evaluating if the “new TAU” could be my next army project, or if not….

    …. Finally deciding if I should start on a Imperial Guard army (Ultramar planetary defence force)

  4. Well here goes.

    1 Completing 6000 pts Eldar Craftworld army

    2 Builiding at least 3 different Eldar terrain features

    3 Attending at least 2 tournaments in 2012

    4 Play as much as possible - the goal is as Jørn, 40 games not counting tournaments

  5. This is excellent guys! Now all we need is three more... Ideally.

    Oh! By the way: As I'm posting this, we're just three hits away from 12.000 hits total on the blog.


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