26 November 2011

Dark Eldar Kabalite Trueborn - ØRNULVS NOVEMBER 2011 PROJECT # 3

Last night was a time to celebrate! After a hectic period I finally found time to finish my three units of Kabalite Trueborn and their Arcon.

Three units of five, with 4 Blasters and one Splinter Rifle. In this build, the Arcon is armed with a Blaster.

I am now looking forward to start painting my Scourges!


  1. So that was what we were celebrating last night?! I'm not sure C&T caught on, but it's probably better that way anyway...

    Having seen the models 'in the flesh' already, I can attest to that they do hold the same high standard as the previously painted Warriors.

    By the way: Have you kept track of the points cost of the units you've got painted up thus far? By my reconing you should be getting very close to the one thousand points mark.

  2. After seeing your "first forty" warriors, I can`t wait to take a look at these guys. By the pictures it looks very very nice.


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