9 November 2011

Hunker in the Bunker

It had been a long and agonizing process... The old apartment that just wouldn't sell. The refurbishment of the new apartment by artisans of deplorable skill and stained reputation. The faulty rewiring and the ever increasing delays.

At last, we wouldn't have to listen to any more moaning about it... :P ...'cause it was time for a proper 'Battle Bunker Initiation'!!!

I got to Ørnulv's place early and got the grand tour of the new flat, as well as an up close and personal look at his new Dark Eldar warriors. I suspected his pics hadn't done them proper justice, so I took a few of my own...

Ørnulv has doen a few ajustments between then and now, but here's a couple of the models as they were at the time. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of these in the coming weeks, now that Mr. Painting-machine is shifting into gear. They're also scheduled to make their first on-table appearances early next year, so stay tuned!

After Trond and Inger Helene had arrived - and we'd all had a healthy helping of ørnulv's Cili con Carne - it was time to roll dice! We started off with a two vs two game. After about a round and a half we agreed we should have planned it out a bit instead of trying to wing it, and pulled the armies back off the table.

After talking it over we decided to just pair off, and spent the rest of the evening playing two 2000 points games side-by-side. I had the pleasure of trying to deal with Ghazghkull and about a bazillion orks howling for blood. Ørnulv got to play his rather shooty Ultramarines against Trond's speedy new toys. He'd spent the previous few days getting those Vypers in the background painted to be allowed to use them this weekend. Hopefully, he'll show them off properly before long...

I didn't really want to go to the initiation and not having played the host, so the next morning Ørnulv and I kicked off another game after breakfast. I had to leave just three rounds into the game though, and at the time it could still have gone either way. I held two objectives while Ørnulv held another. The fourth objective was up for grabs, and one of mine wasn't exactly firmly secured. I guess we'll have to settle this score at a later date.

So... All in all a pretty good way to spend the middle of the weekend! I'm still a little envious of that bunker, but I'm sure that'll pass as soon as the missus discovers that some of the cupboards have space left over... :D

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  1. Nice photos, comments and summary Jørn! I had a great time trying out the new battle bunker in its full scale (using its full potential).

    Great to se Trond finishing unit after unit of his Eldar, they look very good on the table, and the army looks very different know than for a couple of years ago. Good work – keep it up ☺

    Looking forward to future gaming here…. ☺


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