19 August 2011

Deathmatch Arena

It's very nearly time for our yearly trip to Ørnulv's summer house now, so I suppose it's about time I got the terrain piece I had planned to build for this year's 'in-between activity' done...

I cut out two quarter-circles with an outer radius twice that of the intended size of the outer wall from a sheet of Kapafix left over from last summer's game table project. The inner radius was 10 cm (4 & 3/8") smaller, allowing for a height of about 8,5 cm (3.4")These was then folded repeatedly over the edge of my work-table to allow the relatively rigid material to curve. The two piezes of Kapa was taped togeter and glued (with my recently rediscovered hot-glue gun) to a circular piece MDF I cut to a 24" diameter disc.

I then glued a layer of sand to what would be the arena floor, and added a vertical inner wall. At this point I was pretty much out of Kapa, but forged ahead anyway. The cardboard I used proved to be too thin, and ended up warping pretty badly. To remedy this I applied a generous amount of spackle and left the piece to dry for a few days. The proper thing to to would be to remove and replace the warped cardboard with a sturdier material, but the weekend was coming to an end and I knew I'd have to leave the arena alone for a few days anyway.

When the first thick layer of spackle was dry, I gave a quick sanding and brushed on another. This second layer would fill inn the worst humps and bumps in the first one. Using the paint brush would give it a little additional texture. I toyed around a bit with the idea of adding coctail-sticks around the top edge to make the arena a little more intimidating, but decided against adding details that don't add any functionality to the arena. I just might go back and add the stakes at a later date though - perhaps even adding a few heads based on how the test-tourney goes this coming weekend.

Last night I finally got around to tossing some paint on it. I dug out the paint we'd saved from last year's terrain project and applied a quick base coat. After allowing that to dry, I did a couple of light drybrush layers before thinning out the base colour and splashing it liberally everywhere to blend the highlights down a little again. To finish the job I splashed a little red here and there, and left the piece to dry overnight (and then some). The final 'product' is a little on the quick-and-dirty side, but I think that'll fit it's purpose just fine.

As this posts, we're at TSB's yearly get-together at Ørnulv's summer house. Tune in next week for whatever reports we manage to write up - and lots and lots of pictures!!!


  1. This “arena” took us all by surprise! Great looking and fun playing inside it!

  2. Thanks! T'was nice to see you guys have fun with it.

    Too bad we didn't get around to doing a proper Deathmatch Tournament, but I suppose there really wasn't anyone but me who really wanted to. (...and that's cool! 'The needs of the many' and all that.)


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