1 August 2011

The Boyz of Summer

No, not Orks. Just us team-mates going away to do non-40K stuff with She-who-comes-first and the goblins/snotlings for a few weeks.

Do we have nothing hobby-related to show for the vacation, then? I sure hope not. For my own part, I've drafted a campaign system i hope we can put to use when temperatures fall and the urge to play games pick up again. I just need to get my Mighty and Planetary Empires tile sets painted...

So... Rather than dwell on a largely inactive July, what's coming up in the next couple of months?

First and foremost, we're going on our yearly trip to Kjerringvik. (The name doesn't quite translate as 'Bitch Bay', but I suppose it's close enough.) This year we'll be running an Arena of Death event as well as a small games event. Watch this space for the reports (with lots of pictures) towards the end of the month.

Secondly, I hope to be able to start the aforementioned campaign in september. We will probably have to go over the rules together first, to Kill my Darlings and fill the holes I've probably overlooked. Once we get this up and running, we should be able to do at least an article every campaign turn.

Right now, however, my Warhammer 40.000 Kill Team download just finished, so I'm going to publish this and give it a spin...

See you 'round! ;)


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