27 June 2011

Word Bearers Heavy Bolter Havocs (Architecture of Aggression XXIX)

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When I was gathering the neccesary bits for this month's project, I came to the realization that I was finally starting to run out. Don't get me wrong.... I've still got arms, heads, weapons and bits to last through the Zombie Apocalypse - but I had to cannibalize the next month's models for torso backs. I'll have to order replacements for those sooner lather than later!

Anyway... I eventually got the Havoc Squad built and based, and ready for primer:

The black bodies in the above pic are from a unit of Possessed (for my Emperor's Children army) that I abandoned when the current Chaos Codex came out. Like I said, I've pretty much run out of Power Armoured Chaos Marines so I had to draft these in and replace their heads and arms to be able to make a full squad.

A few evenings later, and they're all done! Given the battlefield role I envision for the squad, trophy racks and bases decorated with the usual Marine bits won't really look 'right'. Thanks to the Pot'o'Bits from though, I had a few Ork/Tyranid/DarkEldar pieces I could use instead.