15 May 2011

Word Bearers Terminators (Architecture of Aggression XXVIII)

A busy month, May is... So, I decided I wouldn't get too much painting time in and had better 'pace myself' a little. A smaller 'Termicide' type unit then. The minimum three models. One with a Chain Fist and two with Combi-melta and Power Weapon.

I've got another box of Terminators arriving (ever so slooowly) from Maelstrom, so I'll probably be doing a few more of these later this summer...

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  1. I really really hate those guys (except when my Trygon wounds 5 of them in close combat and – kills them all!). It seems you are mustering towards our rematch (when Hive Fleet Grendel crashes in your basement with 6.500p), or is it building up to a test run of 2 landraiders with terminators and one with CB?! Horrifying idea!

    Anyway, once again a strong paint job with nice details, and I am happy there is an Imperial Fist helmet present and not one of my bellowed Ultramarines ☺


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