24 April 2011

ØRNULVS APRIL 2011 PROJECT Re-revisiting the Ultramarines 2.

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And then they where three!

My goal was to be able to field several ordinary dreadnoughts with various weapon combos. The Venerable Dreadnought model comes with three different Heavy Weapons. Together with a couple of weapon arms from Forge World, this model would give me the options I needed.

I wanted to be able to field the Venerable Dreadnought as both a “Venerable” and a “Ordinary” Dreadnought. Therefore I used the “built in sarcophagus” and kept the amount of gold trimmings to a minimum. Still, I wanted it to look more ancient, so I used the engraved plates giving them a dark copper/brass colour. Using the same design on the three weapon arms, and using them on the other two models, would give them a unified look. I loosened the existing arms on my old Dreadnoughts, gave them a make over with Scripts and Seals, and used magnets on all the Weapon Arms.

Above all three Dreadnoughts fielded, two with AssaultCannons. Next, the PlasmaCannon option:

Here, the MultiMelta option:

And last, the LasCannon option:

Planning to start the "move process" in May/June, I am not sure I will start a new project in May. I have decided to build to more CombiMelta Sgt, but I need two sets of legs and banners. If anyone has some spares left, please let med know. Maybe I could build two more models before summer….?



11 April 2011

Gaming event 07.05.2011

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07.05.2011 12:00 I invite all TSB members to the last gaming event in Løvenskioldsgt 19a. I will prepare a large Chilli stew!

I suggest armies at 1750p and that we play scenarios from "Battle Missions".

NB! I ask that you all give notice if you can attend or not within 15.04.2011. If less than 4 players attend I opt for doing something else.


6 April 2011

Prelude to Apocalypse

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This world was tasting wrong...

It had not been like this when Grendel had first started to consume it. It had tasted much like many of the worlds that had gone before. A little dry perhaps, but nothing too different from what was to be expected.

Lately there had been a sort of... Spoiled? ...aftertaste to the prey it had consumed. Their base structure was somehow corrupted and unusable. To assimilate it seemed to lead to loss of Communion with the organisms that tried. Grendel had to spend precious resources on breaking nutrients down to base elements before they could safely be consumed.

When once more it came across prey that resisted, the prey reeked of the wrongness. Grendel awakened the barbed limbs that was lying dormant nearby and reached for the new precence. Whatever it was, it would have to be cleansed so that the world could be consumed and Grendel could return to the void.

Six thousand points from Ørnulv's Hive Fleet Grendel arrive for a day (and a night?) of bloodshed
this saturday, and I get to use (almost) all of my Word Bearers again.

The table is ready - but are we?