24 March 2011

ØRNULVS MARCH 2011 PROJECT Re-revisiting the Ultramarines 2.

Finally my March project is finished!

I must admit I had forgotten how much time it takes to paint Ultramarines (for my part anyway). Although the format of a chapter army bound to Codex Astartes does not invite too much variation or creativity, I have enjoyed working with them (Marines) again, also rying new poses to give this “last batch” attitude.

First out, Brother Sgt at arms; Two Sgt with PF and two with Combi-Meltas.

Second out; Devastator Sgt and three squad members armed with ML.

Last but not least; Tactical Marines with various weaponry (2XLC, 2XHB and 2XMeltas).

I am now looking forward to test my “new” Ultramarine army concept.

I am also looking forward to start on my brand new army (no re re re revisit Ultramarines in that batch Jørn), but wait – I hear a power plant getting closer…. ;)


  1. Nice and clean batch of 'glory boys' as usual, Ørnulv!

    Now... What's this new project you know you want to tell us about?

  2. No big secret really; as an alterative army list I have bought the components to field a Speeder/Dreadnought drop pod army. I already have the Speeders and drop pods, so I have bought different Dreadnought weapons from Forge World and a Venerable Dreadnought so I can field 3 of them. My April project will be building it and painting up various weapons.

  3. So when do I get the chances to go up against the boys in blue? :) Soon I hope.

    Nice job by the way.


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