17 March 2011

Word Bearers Daemon Prince Kahn-Urkan (Architecture of Aggression XXVII)

So I finally got around to finishing off the very nice Kahn-Urkan model from Raging Heroes last year. The model came with a plethora of extra parts. I've got two heads, two right hands and a left hand lying in a bits box right now. Not sure what to do with them, but I'm sure a suitable project will come along eventually... ;)

As those of you who's followed the links above (and peeked at the mini over at RH's site) may have noticed, I've used another pair of wings than the ones the model could be supplied with. If I'm ever going to be able to take the Daemon Prince with me anywhere, I'd have to 'settle' for wings that were a little smaller than the pair that were designed for it. My sollution is a pair of Pegasus wings from GW's WHFB Bretonnia range and a bit of green stuff.

I also used GW bits for the base. The rocky arrow from the Chaos Space Marine Lord was glued to a standard 60mm base, and bits from a Dire Avenger Exarch model was cut, filed and refitted before being glued partly on top of the outcrop. Pins for the DP's feet was superglued in place before the Exarch's torso an shoulder pads were greenstuffed in and sand was glued to the rest of the base. Trond gratiously provided me with an Exarch's helmet too, enabling me to finish yet another monthly project within the planned time limit.

For the next month's motivational challenge we're supposed to do Troops again. The only Troops unit I don't yet have for my Word Bearers are Plague Marines, but I don't really know how I'm supposed to represent that without going all gooey and pustulent...


  1. You have really surpassed yourself this time Jørn!

    Striking pose, and as always strong and crispy paint job. Think the wings goes well with the model (size, placing etc).

    And finally someone manifests killing of Trond “little blue Space Elves”…. ;)

  2. I`m impressed as always with your painting!

  3. Thank you, both of you! He was really fun to build/kitbash/paint.

    I didn't really mull the choice of victim on the base too much. I had the Exarch bits at hand and - as long as the guy on his back is painted blue - it doesn't really matter where he's supposed to be from! ;)

    As for Trond's price for the helmet... He's got a project planned for later this year, where I think I might be asked for a little 'input' on the basing.

  4. I saw the prince in progress and I must say - Impressive. Asmodeus has met his match :)

    As for Exarch, The shrine of Bahzhakhain stands empty at Craftworld Biel Tan. His teachings is greatly missed. But others will come and revenge him. The young King is chosen, the Avatar stirs, War is comming. Remeber we have tread the universe before you crawled on your bellies from the seas. We know all it`s secrets.
    Do not mistake us for being few in numbers and weak. We bring only death and carrion. It`s a message so blunt that even a human can understand. Blood Runs. Anger Rises. Death Wakes. War Calls

  5. Nice conversions on this man. Really like the crushed Eldar under his foot! I dont like your paintjob at all. Did you prime the model before painting? The colours are all dark and messy and you forgot all the great details. What about the teeth and mouth and his crown? Why does his face have the same colour as the fur on his shoulders?...well practice makes perfect I guess!?

  6. Erik, thank you for visiting our blog and taking your time to write a comment.

    Next time though I hope you will consider making your criticism constructive.

    All of us have a strange fascination and love for this hobby and we put down hours and hours every week painting, reading, discussing, making army lists and fielding these strange futuristic models on the battle fields.

    We have fun. And we give each other advice, hints and feedback. Constructive feedback. Positive feedback.

    Maybe Jørn could have done things differently with this model. Of course it's allright to tell us your opinion, but I'm sorry to say that your rant over Jørn's paint job is just destructive, pathetic and sad reading and not something we appreciate.

    Next time you want to point out something you don't like in the pictures here at TS, think first about your goal and your motives before you hit Enter.

    Good night and good luck!


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