22 February 2011

40K Abroad - GW Plaza (again) - London

Trond and I went to London with our respective 'She Who Comes First's. Needless to say, hobbying was not the focus for this trip but we boys were allowed to go geek out for a few hours saturday morning while the ladies went to Madame Tussauds.

So off to The Plaza we went. As we entered the GW store there, we were greeted by Mathew Greaves and spent perhaps half an hour chatting about this and that while we picked out a thing or two...

('Honoured Imperium', a Painting Station, the two latests WDs, 'Prospero Burns' and 'Blood Gorgons' for me. A Wave Serpent, some Rangers/Pathfinders, a Painting Station, a few paints and 'Path of the Warrior' for Trond.)

As we were leaving, I remembered that I'd neglected to take any pics. On the table just inside the entrance they had a table with some Ork-defiled Imperial ruins. Nice idea! Perhaps something to consider for you, Inger Helene? (Pics at the bottom of the article.) They also had a rather nicely done Storm Raven they let me examine.

Now, I've been in the camp that didn't care for this new model at all. Words like "Pommes Fries basket" have been used, but perhaps it's the photographers at GW that need their work revised in stead of the model design department. After seeing the model in person - poised level to the ground in stead of leaning forward, and with the landing gear retracted, I'm now of the opinion that "it doesn't look anything as bad as the promotional pictures would have you believe."

...and with official and sanctioned rules published in WD3xx, you just might se one or two blue ones on this blog before too long.


  1. Fikk byggeideer til bygninger til 40K nå, etter å sett bildene. Et bord, et hus som dekker hele bordet.

  2. Whip lash and bone sword?

    …”we boys were allowed to go geek out for a few hours Saturday morning while the ladies went to Madame Tussand”.

    And you “Kenny dolls” play 40K….? ;)

    Nice “out and about” report, and interesting pictures. The remarks on the “Storm Raven” where particularly interesting. Since the Grey Knights are getting them (see last WD) I bet the rest of the Marines will be allowed to use them also (GW will certainly want all Marines players to buy them…). I must have a closer look…


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