28 February 2011

Word Bearers 'Thousand Sons' (Architecture of Aggression XXVI)

Another Troop choice this month: Counts-as Thousand Sons with Aspiring Sorcerer.

In my army, I'll be referring to them as First Acolyte Zelos and the Dark Apostle's Honour Guard. The shields and the halberds are all from the Chaos Knights kit for Warhammer Fantasy. I think it gives the squad a more 'heavy' and 'ponderous' feel to them compared to normal (Chaos) Marines.

Now, the only god-specific Troop type I'm missing is a squad of Plague Marines. I have a few ideas, but I'm not at all sure how I'll represent the T5 and FnP without doing some serious conversion work...


  1. I think the use of parts from the Chaos Knight on your “Dark Apostle’s Honour Guard” worked very well indeed! The shields are a good representation of their extra protection, and definitely give them a “heavy” and ancient look. As always – strong paint job.

    Plague Marines – I guess the key word is “decay”….

  2. Nice work indeed.
    The "storm" shields really makes them stand out from the rest of the army and ads a nice touch to the models.

    job`s a goodn

  3. Hey, look! The 'Honour Guard' squad picture was featured on another blog; Screwed Up Dice.


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