24 February 2011

750 points Quickstep

Not quite fed up with each other's company after the weekend-trip to London, Trond and I decided to give the 750 points missions for Winter War 8 a go last night. It's amazing just how quickly those points are spent, though. We both had to give it a fair number of tries before we came up with something we thought might be playable.

- WJumpGen, MBlasters, Pwpn

Dire Avengers (Exarch + 5)
3 Guardian Jetbikes
3 Guardian Jetbikes

Warp Spiders (Exarch + 4)

Fire Prism
Fire Prism
   Dark Apostle (Sorcerer)
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Warp Time & Doombolt

Thousand Sons (Asp.Sorc + 8)
- Doombolt

Obliterators (2)
Obliterators (2)

Scenario 2 - Return to the Eye

A special rule for this scenario allows you to "choose one friendly, non-vehicle unit to remove from the table and immediately redeploy using the Deep Strike rules."

Primary objective is to control D3+2 objectives.
Secondary objective is to kill the enemy's highest point cost psyker. (...or highest point cost non-vehicle non HQ model, if there is no psyker.)
Tertiary objective is Kill Points.

With Dawn of War deployment, Trond elected not to deploy anything after loosing the roll off for initiative and having to go first. I deployed the Dark Apostle with the First Acolyte and the Apostle's Honour Guard in their Rhino next to the ruin and central objective. (That's how I plan to write the Thousand Sons squad into my Word Bearers Host.) The Obliteraters was placed into Reserve, to be able to Deep Strike in.

The Fire Prisms took out the Rhino in round two, after a bit of a chase around the corner of the Ruin. Nine out of ten models inside got wounded, and I failed five out of nine 3+ saves... The first Obliterator squad arrived and failed to kill the three Jetbikes right in front of them, only to roll two sixes the next turn to save themselves from another Fire Prism hit with two sixes.

Mid-game the focus shifted to the other flank, where the other Obliterator squad also failed to kill the Jetbike squad in front of them. In return, the Warp Spiders killed one of the Obliterators, before the Autharc then assaulted the remaining one. Luckiily he failed to wound it, and The Apostle and Honour Guard assaulted and killed the Eldar leader next phase.

From there on Trond backed off, seeking to consolidate his position and claim the two objectives my one Troop squad didn't control. In turn five the two remaining Obliterators teleported over to the Dire Avengers and doused them with fire from their Heavy Flamers. Trond finally failed a save, leaving even the Exarch a pile of charred bones.

At that the game ended

The two forces held an objective each, the Chaos Sorcerer and Warp Spider Exarch both still lived but the Eldar had lost two Kill Points to Chaos' one.


Scenario 5 - Adversaries

Primary objective is Kill Points.
Secondary objective is to kill the opposing commander.
Tertiary objective is to kill the opposing commander with your commander.

Trond won the initiative this time, and elected to stay on the side of the table he already knew. He set up his forces in his left hand table quarter, forcing the Chaos forces to set up in a ruin on the other side of the central ruin.

This scenario had a special rule where the Commanders have to do a Scout Move to close thhe distance between them. Nothing much came of that as we both felt it more prudent to keep our HQs out of the sights of the opposing force's heavy weapons, and had deployed our models a little ways back.

Trond opened the ball by offing two Obliterators. The other two promptly replied by wrecking the skimmer. The Dark Apostle and Honour Guard fired at one of the Bike squad but only killed two. Unfortunately, they passed their Break test and probptly hid in stead of running off the table. None of us were willing to stick our proverbial necks out after that, and the rest of the game we pretty much just tried getting a shot in without suffering a firestorm in return.

In the end, the remaining Obliterators managed to squeeze a (really rather unsporting) lascannon shot between a couple of rock coloumns to take out the last Jetbike and net Chaos a second Kill Point. The Apostle and Honour Guard assaulted and killed the Dire Avengers before retreating back into the ruin, just to keep Trond from trying something if the game went long.

None of the army commanders had bit it (even though it was a close call for the Chaos Sorcerer who had joined the two Obliterators that died in round one).



  1. Jørn; With reference to my comment to your heavy choice under “The Shadow in the warp part II”, it seems like “Obliterators” where a good choice.

    Although Chaos won both battles, it seems like there where elements of “pretty close”…. But loosing two in a row must mean the Eldar list struggles with this kind of CSM/SM build.

    Keep on tuning guys… ;)

  2. The games where down to one or two dice rolls, but after reading up on some rules.... I can`t find that oblitirators have heavy flamers.... Twin linked flamers on the other hand, which would have given all my Dire avengers their armour save....

    Anyway. Fire Prism are really cool. Basic 115 pts and one big gun. But they have already been put aside and traded in for a Wraithlord and 3 warwalkers with scatterlasers...

  3. Hmm... You may have a point about which flamer-weapon the Obliterators actually have access to. Looks like I'm going to have to hit the codex when I get home.

    "Outta my way kids! Daddy has to check on something, so take your boots and jackets off yourselves."

    Mathhammer-wise, the twin-linked Flamers would score a few more wounds but allow you an Armour save. In this particular case, that'd probably leave you with the Exarch plus one or two.

    I'd still have contested the objective, but that extra Kill Point i got would have depended on you failing the Break-test. (Not bloody likely, the way you were making Ld-tests that night.)

  4. Well, this one goes to, in the "heat" of the moment. I lost the game, Heavy flamer or not. Mistakes happens. Anyway, as you pointed out, maybe this or maybe that LD tests or not. But this calls for a rematch! :)

  5. You're on! Just say when.

    I could do with a break from building this month's model anyway, and I do need that helmet we spoke of to finish it...

    (The invitation isn't 'Trond-specific' either, but goes for the rest of you as well - in case I have to spell that out for you.)


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