18 January 2011

Finishing Ørnulvs gaming tables

Last summer “Team Stormbolter” built six 6 X 4 gaming boards. The tables where based and painted, and returned to their owners for “an individual last touch”!

To finish my gaming board I first painted the sides (frame) black. Then I glued small dots of static ordinary GW grass to the surface. After the grass had dried I brushed the grass with an old toothbrush. Then I dry brushed the grass slightly with Snakebite Leather. The city canal was a challange. It is quite long and deep. To get the desired effect (deep still dirty canal water) I decided to use EZ-Water Effect. I had concerns with poring hot plastic into the canal because we had used low density Styrofoam. I decided first to glue all the rubble in place, including pipes and platforms to each end of the canal.

I then “painted” the canal sides with “cement filler” mixed with sand and PVA glue. After it had dried I spray painted the plastic parts Chaos Black, and then painted the whole canal, and all the rubble, with acryl wall paper paint (black and brown mix 3:1) mixed with PVA glue.

I dry brushed the canal sides and the collapsed bridge Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey. The bottom of the canal, and all the rubble, where then dry brushed Dark Flesh. The bottom where dry brushed Blazing Orange and then with Sunburst Yellow. Metal parts where given a heavy dry brush with Tin Bitz and then Chainmail. Wood boxes where dry brushed Scorched Brown followed by Snakebite Leather and finally Bleached Bone. Drums where dry brushed with Cartagan Green or Dark Flesh followed by Tin Bitz and Chainmail. Shells where painted Burnished Gold and then dry brushed Chainmail. The warheads were dry brushed with a mix of Chaos Black and Codex Grey.

I used a total of 3 bags of EZ-Water Effect. Day one I made a mistake, as my last go/last layer (bag # 2) did not cower the whole area! Disaster. The plastic dried without an even surface. It was difficult not to spill and to apply evenly, especially around and over the collapsed bridge. I bought a bigger metal cup the next day, melted and pored 1/3 of the bag over the bulky area. It worked – it was level again! Then I melted the rest of bag # 3 in one go, and pored all the content into the canal trying to distribute as even as possible. The heat was intense, and I was concerned some of the material would melt. It did not. The cement/sand/glue/paint held, and this is the result:

Top view:

Now we must decide:

Difficult terrain,

Dangerous terrain,

Impassable terrain,

Special rules for tanks?


  1. Difficult and Dangerous terrain, without a doubt!!!

    Visually, it is everything I had hoped for. Can't wait to be able to play on it.

  2. I love it! Looks "dangerous", rusty and poisonous. The details are fantastic! Really makes your table stand out from the rest :)

    If I would like to play there? Can't wait!

    Agree with Jørn - difficult and dangerous terrain!


  3. Looks great! Can`t wait to skim across and laugh as the mindless Mon-keigh tries to cross and die!!! :)- At least difficult and dangerous, maybe even impassable

    Nice work Ørnulv. Time to play!!


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