22 November 2010

Word Bearers Rhinos (Architecture of Aggression XXIII)

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Not all that exciting choice of models this month... Still; I have at least a couple of units planned for next year that will need transportation, so doing a couple of Rhinos was better than not doing anything at all.

One of the Rhinos is actually one that I never quite finished for my old Emperor's Children army. The other Rhino is one that I 'found' at the bottom a box I though just contained old vehicle upgrade sprues...

Speaking of vehicle upgrades: Does anyone have experiences with the Havoc Missile Launcher in 5th edition? I haven't seen anyone use it in a long while, but found it quite effective against Dark Eldar a couple of weeks ago. (Enter the Archon)

21 November 2010


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Finaly finished with my last Nobz:) Thanks to Ørnulv for helping me pain the Space Marine parts and for giving me them, and thanks to Jørn for the waaaagh banner.
Ready to kill som umiez!!!!!

11 November 2010

The arrival of the Hornet

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Since second edition Eldar vehicles has been based on the same basic mould. And what a great mould. Falcons, waveserpents, fireprisms, nightspinners, and the smaller vypers.. And now. The Hornet.
Armed to the theeth with 2 two heavy weapons - including 2! puls lasers... These little bastards cost 55 pts each, fast attck, 1-3 pr choice. Fast, skimmer, and comes with the star engine upgrade. F S R 11 11 10 bs 3. With 2 puls laser it rolls of the line at 135 pts. And it has the scout special rule. Of course you can take a cheaper version with let`s say 2 scatterlasers and it comes out at 85 pts each.. Sweet. The normal upgrades for Eldar vehicles is of course available. The rules are experminetal and can be found at the Forge World website.


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An ordinary Space Marine is a tall and impressive sight:

Even more so – armoured with Terminator armour:
And when honoured within a Dreadnought – a massive appearance on the battlefield:

But the Warehound Scout Titan dwarfs them all!!

I wanted the model to theme with my Ultra Marine army, using dark blue (and Ultramarines Blue only as a High Light). And since I play, and have painted the whole of 2. Company, gold trims were obligatory.

Almost always using Terminators, I had the idea to theme the Warehound Scout Titan even more with my Ultramararmy by painting the head white.

I found it time consuming and difficult to build and paint this massive Racine model. And since I want to use it during tabletop gaming, I pinned all the bigger components.

The model is washed several times and is given several layers of high lights. I am quite pleased with the result, although it took a long time to complete.

The only thing left is for Jørn to finish the two dead Chaos Space marines on the base (I have asked him to paint the same colour scheme as his Word Bearers…), a paintjob I hope he will enjoy, and to fight Inger Helenes Stompa (how are you getting along with that one Inger Helene….?).

9 November 2010

Enter the Archon

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The new Codex: Dark Eldar is out, so naturaly we'll have to get a game in as soon as possible. It should be noted that neither of us had the opportunity to study the codex beforehand, so the Dark Eldar army was far from optimized.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: Capture and Control (4 objectives)

Jørn's Word Bearers (Chaos Space Marines)
- Dark Apostle Thanatos (Chaos Sorcerer. MoT, Warptime, Wind of Chaos)
- CSM melta squad (Champ w/P.Fist. 9 CSM w/2 Melta guns, IoCG. Rhino)
- CSM plasma squad (Champ w/P.Fist. 9 CSM w/2 Plasma guns, IoCG. Rhino)
- Berzerkers (Champ w/P.Fist, 8 Berzerkers)
- Land Raider
- Obilterators (2)
- Obilterators (2)

André's Dark Eldar
- Archon (Shadow Field, Soul Trap, Combat Drugs, Agonizer)
- Incubi (Klavex w/Bloodstone, Onslaught. 8 Incubi. Raider)
- Kabalite Warriors (Sybarite. 9 Warriors w/Shredder, Spliter Cannon. Raider)
- Kabalite Warriors (Sybarite. 9 Warriors w/Shredder, Spliter Cannon. Raider)
- Wyches (Hekatrix w/Agonizer, Phantasm Grenade Launcher. 9 Wyches. Raider.)
- Scourges (Solarite w/Venom Blade. 8 Scourges w/2 Splinter Cannons.)
- Ravager (3 Dark Lances)
- Ravager (3 Dark Lances)

André wins the roll-off and elects to go first. He deploys two Raiders, one with Wyches and one with Warriors, behind the Shrine of the Aquila by the western table edge.

Jørn deploys both CSM squads and the Dark Apostle just north of the centre of the table, claiming two objectives and leaving a third between and behind them.
The rest of the armies are left in Reserves. (Yes, we once again misremember that forces starting off table are not necessarily in Reserve.)

Deployment, looking north.

Turn 1
Announcing that he'll steal the initiative, Jørn tosses a dice onto the tabletop. Much to his surprise the dice actually comes up a six, so he moves the plasma-squad back a bit to denying the Wyches a very probable first turn assault he missed while deploying.

André is content to just make a small adjustment to his deployment while awaiting the arrival of the Reserves. (yes, yes...)

Turn 2
The Berzerkers arrive in the Land Raider, racing 12" in towards the objective behind the CSM squads. Said CSM squads stand and shoot, but fails to do any damage to the hidden Raiders.

André gets the other Raider with a Warrior squad and a Ravager in from Reserves. The Ravager enters opposite the Land Raider flanked by the Raider. The other Warrior Raider jumps the Shrine, while the Wyches' Raider boosts 24" to come around the northern flank. The Ravager and the two Warrior Raiders fires their Dark Lances at the Land Raider, hits decently enough but fails to glance or penetrate. Both Raider squads fire from their Raiders and take out half the CSM melta squad holding the northern objective.

Before the DE shooting.

Turn 3
Both Obliterator squads arrive from Reserves. One Deep Strikes on the south flank and the other between the Land Raider and the CSM melta squad. The Land Raider itself advances and fires at the Ravager in front of it, as does the nearby Obliterators and melta squad. Not even a dent! The CSM plasma squad on the south flank fires at the closest Raider along with the Obliterators there and the Rhino Havoc launcher. Plasma guns and Lascannons do nothing, but the Havoc missiles manages a five to glance and a six (minus two plus one) to finally wreck the Raider. The Dark Eldar Warriors then fails their Pinning test.

The rest of the Dark Eldar's Reserves come in this turn. The second Ravager moves sedately in on the southern flank, lining up three shots at the Land Raider. The Archon and his Incubi bodyguard boost up right in front of the CSM plasma squad, and the Scourges Deep Strike still further to the south. The Wyches take their Raider up besides the CSM melta squad in the crater and disembarks, while the still mobile Warrior Raider takes its squad up on the other side of the crater. The Ravager that arrived this turn shoots both Lascannons off the Land Raider, while the Warriors near the northern objective takes three wounds off of the nearby Obliterators. The Wyches assaults the CSM melta squad and joined Dark Apostle, and kills a single Marine. Two of the female gladiators die in return, and the rest fails their leadership test and get run down. The CSM squad sweeps towards the Raider nearby.

Turn 4
The Land Raider turns and moves towards the Incubi Raider. The wounded Obliterator moves towards the Warrior Raider. The CSM plasma squad pulls back into the ruin where they're joined by the two Obliterators on that flank. Rapid firing plasma guns downs the looming Raider, killing one Incubi. The Rhino offs one more with its Havoc launcher. The wounded Obliterator destroys the remaining Warrior Raider, killing three models. The melta squad assaults the remaining Warriors and kills all but two, who passes their Leadership test and locks the Marines safely in combat.

Archon & Incubi has just lost their ride.

The Ravagers adjust their position a little, while the warriors that were pinned turn three moves up towards the CSM plasma squad. The Archon and Incubi advances into the ruin. The Scourges moves up on the other side of the Marines and opens up, killing a massive zero marines. The Warriors on the opposite side kills one. The Ravagers finally gets the better of the Land Raider, turning it into a spectacular fireball. In the Assault phase the Archon and Incubi kills the rest of the CSMs with no casualties in return, in spite of not having offensive grenades.

Turn 5
The Berzerkers leave the smoking remains of their Land Raider, being joined by the Dark Apostle. The remaining marines from the melta squad reembark in their Rhino who moves back and on top of the northern objective. The Obliterator moves in between the Rhino and the Wych Raider, firing at and assaulting it but missing. The southernmost Rhino shoots and kills three Dark Eldar Warriors from the remaining squad. André fails his third Leadership test for the evening, and the squad very nearly runs off the board. The Dark Apostle fires Breath of Chaos at the Incubi, wounding four. The Berzerkers wound another five with their Bolt Pistols. After Shadow Field, Armour and Feel no Pain saves, two incubi keel over. The Obliterators kill another one with twin-linked rapid firing plasma guns, leaving two Incubi, the Klavex and the Archon to receive the charge of the former two squads. At the end of the assault, only the Archon remains.

Just before the bubble bursts.

The Warrior squad near the western table edge rallies and moves three inches towards the southern objective. In the shooting phase they run another six, and has every chance to reach the objective with just one more turn's movement. The Scourges has nothing to shoot at, so they move away to await another turn too. The Ravager behind the now rallied Kabalite Warriors Wrecks the closest Rhino, while the other Ravager and the Wych Raider fails to damage the Rhino on the northern objective. The Raider does, however, move over the single Obliterator and contests the objective. In the Assault phase, the Archon kills a single Berzerker. The Dark Apostle misses all his attacks but rerolls and hits twice thanks to Warptime. Both hits wounds, and when the dreaded one comes up the Apostle uses his Accursed Crozius to kill the Dark Eldar lord outright.

Final positions.

So... With one objective held by the Berzerkers, one contested by the Wych Raider, one within reach of the last Kabalite Warrior squad and the last one uncontested André rolls to see if we get another round.

It's a two.
There is no turn six.

Final Score: Dark Eldar 0 - 1 Chaos Space Marines

There were a few lessons learned, this game; mostly regarding wargear that may have to be considered obligatory. Phantasm Grenade Launcher on the Archon may seem expensive, but can give a squad like Incubi the advantage of offensive and defensive grenades that they lack access to themselves. Splinter Racks seems a cheap and useful on Kabalite Warrior's Raiders, while Night Shield will always be the first upgrade. The added distance when being shot upon ensures that no Melta gun is ever within six inches...

This is the first article here on TSB that's not written primarily in Norwegian. We've talked it over amongst ourselves and agreed to try posting in English in stead. Feedback on this as well is greatly appreciated, especially from you international readers we know stops by from time to time. If you don't want to post a comment here, we can be reached via email as well.

5 November 2010

Word Bearers Obliterators (Architecture of Aggression XXII)

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Nå har det vært rimelig dødt her på bloggen ganske lenge... På tide å sparke i gang igjen!!!

Det tok litt tid å komme i gang med nytt månedsprosjekt denne måneden. Det dabber gjerne litt av en stund i etterkant av en turnering. OrgChart-slot'en for oktober er Heavy Support, så da falt valget ganske naturlig på Obliterators.

...og når jeg først er i gang kan jeg like gjerne smelle opp fire stykker på én gang! Fire modeller kan ikke være så vanskelig å få gjort unna på et par uker - med mindre de skal konverteres grundig så de ikke ligner for mye på Chaos Terminator modellene de er basert på. Et par dager med roting i bitsbokser. En uke der armer og våpen ble skåret opp i små og mellomstore biter, filt og skrapet før de ble satt sammen igjen på nye og (forhåpentligvis) interessante måter. Til slutt tre kvelder med maling og pensel, og så var modellene "Tabletop Ready" i hvert fall.

På dette tidspunktet ble alt pakket sammen og ryddet bort, for å gjøre plass til bursdagsfeiringer. Både barne- og familieselskapet ble avviklet til tvillingenes tilfredsstillelse, og gavene ble etter hvert ryddet opp på rommet. På tide å få modellene ferdig-ferdig! Jeg plukket også frem de to Obliteratorene jeg allerede har laget for å sikre at de nye skulle passe inn uansett om jeg vil bruke dem enkeltvis, parvis eller tre-og-tre.

Det er fortsatt rom i et standard Force Organization Chart til ytterligere tre stykker, men det er andre enheter jeg vil ha før det eventuelt blir aktuelt. November er en "valgfri" måned, så nå håper jeg virkelig at Raging Heroes får produsert og levert modellen jeg forhåndsbestilte for... uhm... lenge siden. I desmeber er det Objective Markers som står på planen, så jeg må vel igjen se over hva jeg har liggende av bitz og tenke over design og konsept for markørene...

Økt aktivitet!

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Økt aktivitet!

Vi fikk en sms fra Ørnulv om at vi får signaler på at bloggen ser ut til å visne hen.... Vel jeg skal vel ikke skryte på meg at jeg er den mest flittige bloggeren her, men vi bør i allefall få opp spill aktiviteten!
Derfor - Hvem vil spille? Jeg stiller.... noen flere?

Siden Ørnulv har tidligere hostet spilldager hos seg, inviterer jeg, Team Stormbolter til spilling - ja det blir gøy på landet, hos meg. Det er vel kanskje litt offensivt å ta dette før jul, men, kom gjerne med forslag til løsning på hvilke datoer som passer bra. Regner med at dere regnskapsfolk har MYE ledig tid fremover ;) Spesielt på nyåret...
Dersom vi får det til nå før jul, så blir det mat og spilling og muligheter for overnatting.
Mulige datoer er lørdag 27/11, lørdag 4/12 og evt lørdag 11/12. Etter nyttår, er det ca 52 lørdager å ta av -1 for den i Kjerringvik, men vi bør få til noe før da!!

Dersom noen vil spille utenom dette - ja takk :)

Vi setter begrensningen på 2000 pts, og standard generiske scenarioer.
Tenkte også en innledende runde med 40 k på 40 min så ha en liten 400 pts liste i bakhodet.

Siden jeg bare har ett bord så blir jeg nok avhengig av at TS stiller med ett eller to bord til, og noe terreng.