29 December 2010


The once proud Imperial city had succumbed to the forces of Chaos a long time ago. But the Chaos strong hold, governed by Kharn the Betrayer, now felt the presence of another great evil. He felt a Shadow in the Warp!



Hive Fleet Grendel (Ørnulv) vs Chaos (Dag)


The Tyranid forces closed around the table quarter in the northwest where the forces of Chaos where mustering their forces. Northeast a Tervigon supported by a unit Gaunts and a Winged Hive Tyrant. Centre-east a Hive Guard and Zoanthropes. Centre-south a unit Gaunts. Centre-west a unit Gargoyles, a Tervigon, a unit Hive Guard and a Winged Hive Tyrant. 2 Tervigon Primes and 2 units Genestealers where held in reserve.

Chaos deployed a Landraider with Terminators in the centre, flanked by a Defiler and backed up by a Rhino with Khorne Berzerkers and one Rhino with Thousand Sons. In the northeast a Predator (Destructor) and a Vindicator. To the northwest a Rhino with Plague marines. Northwest, holding back, a Winged Demon Prince and a retinue of Raptors.


To the northeast the Gaunts and the Tervigon rushed forward against the Vindicator and Predator. The Hive Tyrant, Hive Guard and Zoanthropes went around the obstacles (dangerous terrain in this scenario) heading centre-north, and opened fire. The Heavy Venom Cannon managed to immobilise the Vindicator. To the south the Gaunt unit rushed into one of the burned out buildings. The Hive Guard unit southwest opened fire against the centre-Rhino, but only managed to stun it. The Hive Tyrant in the southwest jumped over the burning building and charged the Defiler. The Hive Tyrant screamed in anger as he failed to destroy it, and instead taking 2 wounds!

The Landraider surged forward 12” into the city and popped smoke. The Winged Daemon prince jumped up on top of one of the buildings in the southwest corner of the battlefield, threatening the Hive Tyrant from behind, and the Gargoyles and Tervigon. The Raptors advanced into the centre area. The Vindicator to the northeast opened fire against the advancing Gaunts, killing half of them. The Predator wounded the Tervigon. With a shriek the Hive Tyrant to the southwest hammered against the Defiler, but could not penetrate its armour. The defiler answered by killing it and consolidates to the south.

Chaos had the upper hand.


The ground shoked as massive bio construct erupted from the center of the table! The massive shape of a Trygon Prime emerged from the dust! The Tervigon to the north managed to reach the Vindicator and smashed it to peaces. The Hive Tyrant jumped over a building and fired at the Predator. The venom cloud scattered onto the Rhino in centre, blowing it up! 2 Khorne Berzerkers died in the flames. The Hive Tyrant then assaulted and destroyed the Predator. In the centre the Hive Guard and Zoanthropes opened fire at the Landraider. The Lance shot from one of the Zoanthropes managed to immobilise it. The Gargoyles to the south where ordered to take position between the Demon Prince and the Tervigon, trying to protect the superior being. They opened fire on the Daemon Prince but the wounds where neglected. The Hive Guard unit and Trygon Prime also opened fire, finally taking two wounds from it.

The Defiler opened fire at the Gargoyles, burning half of them, and killing the rest in close combat. Kharn and his Khorne Berzerkers charged out of the ruins of their Rhino and into the Tervigon. Unfortunately one Berzerker where consumed by the wreck. Kharn and Skull Champion managed to inflict several wounds on the massive creature, which in return wounded Kharn two times. The Raptors jumped forward, over the Trygon, south. The centre-north Rhino approached the centre. The Terminators left the Landraider heading east for the Zoanthropes. The Daemon Prince lost a wound flying of the ruined building, deciding it was wise to fall behind the Rhino in the centre.

The odds had evened.


Again the ground shocked, and again a Trygon Prime emerged from the deep, this time centre-west behind the defiler, opening fire at the Raptor unit, and killing 3. A Genestealers unit entered the battlefield from the east, heading full speed towards the centre. The Winged Hive Tyrant jumped over a building, landing beside Kharn, and assaulted him. Hold at bay by the Lash Whip Kharn was killed by the combined effort from the badly wounded Trygon and the Hive Tyrant. The remaining Berzerkers managed to kill the Trygon. The Hive Guard to the south-vest opened fire (from behind) on the Defiler, blowing it up! In the north the Zoanthropes headed east to draw the Terminators closer to the Genestealers and away from the Tervigon and Hive Guard who took cover behind a building with the Gaunt unit in front of them.

The Raptors moved north. The Thousand Sons disembarked and took up fire position against the newly arrived Trygon Prime, and wounded it. The Daemon Prince approached the centre planning to give aid against the Hive Tyrant there. In the northeast the Rhino with Plague Marines moved east. The Hive Tyrant killed the remaining Khorne Berzerkers. The Terminators shot at and wiped out the Zoanthropes in close combat.

The Tyranids had gained an advantage.


Again a unit of Genestealers arrived from the east, speeding due vest. In the north the Gaunts rushed forward against the Terminators. The Tervigon spawned 11 Gaunts who also rushed forward against them. All the Gaunts and the Hive Guard opened fire against the Terminators. They inflicted several wounds, but it did not make a difference, as the Terminators passed all their saves! The Genestealers who entered battle last turn was still to fare away to assault the Terminators. The Hive Mind decided, and believed, the Spawned Gaunt unit could hold the Terminators in position for one turn, and assaulted them. Again the Terminators made all of their saves, but fortunately the Gaunts only lost a couple of their numbers. The Genestealers surged forward against them. In the centre the Thousand Sons and Hive Tyrant clashed, The Hive Tyrant quickly getting the upper hand. The Trygon Prime in centre-west moved, fleeted and assaulted the Daemon Prince. Taking wounds, the Trygon Prime managed to take the last wound of the Chaos Prince.

The Plague Marines disembarked their Rhino and opened fire against the Trygon Prime, but did not manage to damage it. The Terminators won the combat against the Gaunts, but the will of The Hive Mind ensured that there where enough of them left to hold them in place for the next turn. The Thousand Suns managed to wound the Hive Tyrant, but more of them fell.

Time to Devour!


The Genestealers to the east assaulted the Terminators. Attacking through difficult terrain, they where at a disadvantage. But, only 4 died, and the rest of them (together with the remaining Gaunts) wiped out the Terminators (2 rending wounds). The Trygon Prime approached the Plague Marines. The Hive Guard headed north firing and destroying the centre Rhino. The Hive Tyrant cut down one of the Thousand Sons.

The rest of the Thousand Sons fell to the Hive Tyrant. The Plague Marines wounded the Trygon Prime. The Lascannons on the Landraider had very little to shot at (and had misses all through the game…).

It was over! Result:

Tyranids 11VP – Chaos 3VP

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  1. Good show getting a game in at the end of the year, and a good report as well!

    Seems you had faily solid control of both your target priorities as well as distances this game - with the exception of loosing that Winged Hive Tyrant to the Defiler in the first turn. I did wonder about you using the Hive Guard against the Land Raider, but I suppose it could be there just wasn't any other eligble targets around at taht point...

    The number of big gribblies you usually bring in these big games can be challenging to a Chaos army not sufficiently prepared to deal with with them. I'll be wanting a go at this army (or something similar at least) myself next year!


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