11 December 2010

Word Bearers Objective Markers (Architecture of Aggression XXIV)

The final project for the Freebootaz 2010 Motivational Challenge: Themed objectives for the army I've been painting all year.

For once, I got started on assembly fairly early so I actually had the markers undercoated and managed to begin painting during the weekend the Gold Challenge started. Nothing much happened until the end of the following week however, but I was able to sit down for a few hours today and finish off the icons.

The five icons from the CSM command sprue seemed perfect for those five objectives you'd need in Seize Ground. For a game of Capture and Control, what better than a third company UltraMarines sergeant on his knees. His Bolt Pistol out of ammo and his Chainsword broken at his feet. ;)


  1. Defiant! Out of ammo, but still breathing, chaos scum! I`ll bite ya in the knee!!! come back and fight cowardly chaos wannabe marine! Don`t have the guts do ya?

  2. More like disarmed, defeated, dying and despairing actually, but I appreciate the effort. ;)

    I did, however, expect something like that from Ørnulv, not you Trond. What do the Eldar care about a misguided corpse-worshipper anyway?

    If you want an objective marker to care about, I'm sure I've got a few bits I can use to make one that'll draw the attention of your Seer Council for that Apocalypse game next month...

  3. How dare you!!! Rest assure, I – “Chaplain Desticado of the 2. Company”, will revenge our fallen brothers from Ultramar!

    Jørn; your markers look very nice, and I am certain they team well with your army. At the same time I find their “build” somewhat “predictable” (I seem to remember your Tau army also used spires, and markers like this is common in Fantasy). Don’t get me wrong - they ARE constructed nicely and are painted to a high standard, but I had hoped for something more, something else, more gloomy and futuristic dark. Look upon my comment as a compliment as I expect an unending stream of innovation from you!

  4. I know, I know... They are a little 'mainstream'. I'll try harder to be innovative next time... *snif*

    Seriously though: You're right! I should be able to do better than just icons-on-sticks. I may have to upgrade to 40mm bases, but I'm sure I could dream up something a little more grimdark.

    ...but then I'd expect something similar from you too. *throws down gauntlet*

  5. Challenge taken (I already have an idea…)!

    As soon as I am finished with my Skaven army (January 2011) I will revert to my Space Marines. By the way, my two XRazorbacks will be ready for exchange when we meet in January.

  6. Excellent! We can toss ideas around for a couple of weeks, and iron out the details over drinks at my party in January. Perhaps a couple of others will want in as well... *gauntlets all 'round*

    No cheating now!


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