11 November 2010


An ordinary Space Marine is a tall and impressive sight:

Even more so – armoured with Terminator armour:
And when honoured within a Dreadnought – a massive appearance on the battlefield:

But the Warehound Scout Titan dwarfs them all!!

I wanted the model to theme with my Ultra Marine army, using dark blue (and Ultramarines Blue only as a High Light). And since I play, and have painted the whole of 2. Company, gold trims were obligatory.

Almost always using Terminators, I had the idea to theme the Warehound Scout Titan even more with my Ultramararmy by painting the head white.

I found it time consuming and difficult to build and paint this massive Racine model. And since I want to use it during tabletop gaming, I pinned all the bigger components.

The model is washed several times and is given several layers of high lights. I am quite pleased with the result, although it took a long time to complete.

The only thing left is for Jørn to finish the two dead Chaos Space marines on the base (I have asked him to paint the same colour scheme as his Word Bearers…), a paintjob I hope he will enjoy, and to fight Inger Helenes Stompa (how are you getting along with that one Inger Helene….?).


  1. Speachless...... Stunned...
    An impressive sight. Very very nice work.
    Gotta log on to forgeworld and order me an eldar titan....

  2. Den så veldig bra ut Ørnulv. Slik alle miniatyrene dine ser ut etter at du har vært borti dem med malingen.

  3. Den ble utrolig fin!!!! Hva ble det latinske navnet?
    Stompaen er i hvertfall ferdig bygd og sprayet svart.

  4. Utrolig bra!
    Jeg gleder meg til å se denne i action!
    Hva med et stort slag i vinter?

  5. Awsome!
    Beautiful, impressive!
    As all of Your models.
    But a spacemarine titan, thought that was the domain of Imperial guard?

  6. Titans has it`s own legions, Legio Metallica etc. Not the space mariens nor the imperial guard. They fight alongside them in major battles, and give their support to campains that both forces embark on

  7. Thanks for all the positive feedback! It certainly inspires to going forward with new projects.
    I am really looking forward to meet Inger Helenes Stompa (currently black), and hopefully Tronds Eldar Titan ☺
    Although the article is called “Ultramarines 2. – Reinforced”, it does not mean that this is an “Ultramarines Warhound Scout Titan”, only that my chapter, as Trond correctly comments, receive support in battle (ore perhaps the other way around of course…). As you can se, I only have the Titans works markings on it, not any of the defined legion markings or Ultramarines markings (it is not even painted Ultramarines Blue). Of course, the colour scheme will vary among the many Legions, and since Ultramar is one of the few systems that have both a Space Marine Chapter and a massive Imperial Guard force, I choose to opt for a colour scheme that is unified with the army the Titan is going to fight alongside.

  8. Love your giant, Ørnulv. If something is going to help me back in the game, it must be a model like this. It's stunningly awsome! Must see. Must play :p

  9. Wow, that looks really good! I like how you have implemented the ultra marines colour scheme while still keeping it "out of the chapter".
    The white head is a nice detail, that takes the model to a new level, as it isn't just blue.
    Only thing I can "critizise" is that the plasma coils may seem a little "dull". It may of course be the picture, but id not, I would have made them stand out more.

    Anyway, awesome model! Good job man :)

  10. Nice build-up, and a stunning Warhound Titan. Can't wait to see it crashing to the ground (figuratively speakong, of course) with a cracked plasma reactor! ;)

    We'll have to set up a play-date soon, now that I'm back again, so I can get those casualties inked up for you.

    One thing though... You DO know that Warhounds usually work in pairs, don't you?!? :D

  11. Oh yeah, I know they usually come in pairs…. And that they scout ahead of one ore more River Titans (so much to do and so little time to do it….)!

    Looking forward to a painting session :) I have a hobby work session each Sunday. If you have the possibility to come around that would be grate ☺ I have to work on a suitable way to transport the model.


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