22 November 2010

Word Bearers Rhinos (Architecture of Aggression XXIII)

Not all that exciting choice of models this month... Still; I have at least a couple of units planned for next year that will need transportation, so doing a couple of Rhinos was better than not doing anything at all.

One of the Rhinos is actually one that I never quite finished for my old Emperor's Children army. The other Rhino is one that I 'found' at the bottom a box I though just contained old vehicle upgrade sprues...

Speaking of vehicle upgrades: Does anyone have experiences with the Havoc Missile Launcher in 5th edition? I haven't seen anyone use it in a long while, but found it quite effective against Dark Eldar a couple of weeks ago. (Enter the Archon)


  1. I've found havoc launchers to be almost a necessity for putting out more wounds against infantry, while not compromising your ability to take out tanks. Which is great, considering the flaws of C:CSM.

  2. Found a whole Rhino model as a sprue in the bottom off a bit box.....! That must be "a huge" box :)

    Good build, as usual. Played against Rhinoes with HL in Kr Sand. As Kjetil comments, a good anti infantry weapon.

    With 2 Rhinoes completed; Do you still wish for me to buy and trade Razorbacks against your Landspeeders (ref our previous agreement)?

  3. Kjetil: Thanks! I'll be putting together a handfull of the launchers in between getting togheter the bits for my December project.

    Ørnulv: The four I have now is just enough for the CSM/Havoc squad I already have. I'll still need Rhinos for two of the squads I plan to build/paint before Kjerringvik 2011.
    (Wanna do Apocalypse again next year?)

  4. Regarding Ørnulv, I would go as far as claim the Havoc launchers were instrumental in my victory over him. Having to get close to his 'nids would've hurt me quite a lot.

    Being able to lay down the hurt to multiple things at range, yet still be threatening at midfield is a powerful thing.


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