11 November 2010

The arrival of the Hornet

Since second edition Eldar vehicles has been based on the same basic mould. And what a great mould. Falcons, waveserpents, fireprisms, nightspinners, and the smaller vypers.. And now. The Hornet.
Armed to the theeth with 2 two heavy weapons - including 2! puls lasers... These little bastards cost 55 pts each, fast attck, 1-3 pr choice. Fast, skimmer, and comes with the star engine upgrade. F S R 11 11 10 bs 3. With 2 puls laser it rolls of the line at 135 pts. And it has the scout special rule. Of course you can take a cheaper version with let`s say 2 scatterlasers and it comes out at 85 pts each.. Sweet. The normal upgrades for Eldar vehicles is of course available. The rules are experminetal and can be found at the Forge World website.


  1. Indeed, a very nice model. But, since all new Codex’s seems to include flyers of some kind, and with a relative high output from GW, I would not be surprised if this one, ore something similar, will be released as a new plastic kit. Off course, if the model is relatively new, this will take some time. After building the massive Titan in Racine, I would shoes a plastic alternative any time.

    Taking 1 – 3 of these magnificent “shooting platforms” will certainly boost your army’s ability to surgically crippling your opponent at a distance. However Trond, personally, I would favour the Eldar Titan. It is awesome looking, have a good weapons array, and blend in nicely with the rest of your force. Then we can have a true “clash of the titans” ;)

  2. Titan is on the list for x-mas or sooner perhaps ;) who knows? Anyway. The Hornet looks like a really cool addition to the Eldar vehicle pool and armoury. Flyers and titans may be, but for 40k this is by far the most stunning model released for eldar in a long time. It is not just an upgrade or different variant of something existing. It`s brand new!

  3. The Hornet doesn't really do it for me. It seems a bit too tall, although that may just be the angle of the picture, and the positioning of the weapons seems far from areodynamically optimal. Perhaps with having them repositioned down between the wings?

    Now if Trond too goes out and gets himself a Titan, the Chaos faction may end up as the only one without Superheavy support.

    Inger Helene's idol of Gork (or possibly Mork) was supposed to even the odds a little, but with two resin giants on the other side of the table it may be time to dig out those 'blade boxes I bought sooner rather than later.

  4. Baneblades –please - can’t you “evil-guys” at least field a decent super heavy model…. ? You do know Chaos have their own titan models…..? ;)


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