21 May 2020

Ultramarines Devastators

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After a couple of months painting white, gold and cloth, it was time to focus on models that I find a bit easier to paint.   Since day one I have always loved the Devastator Squads. To me, they portray the essence of the fire power Marines can field. I am a bit of a nutt-case. I already have 3 Devastator Squads, but often find myself “borrowing” heavy weapons from my Tactical Squads to arm them in the way I want to field them. That means that the squad markings are not correct, and that is a real problem… Hence, it was time to rectify that problem!
To me there is nothing more iconic than Heavy Bolters, so I built and painted 4 of them.
Devastators with Heavy Bolters

While I was at it, I also built and painted two models with Plasma Cannons, so I can field 4 of them with correct unit markings.
Devastators with Plasma Cannons

Finally, I built and painted two models with Las cannons, so I can field 4 of them with correct unit markings.
Devastators with Las Cannons

The whole batch of 8 Devastators

What next? I have to return to the remaining 18 models I need to complete my 1. Company. Wish me luck, the remaining models will take a lot of effort given my limited skills.


14 May 2020

Ultramarines Sternguard Veterans

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A new unit finally finished in my quest for finishing the 1. Company. This time, a new unit of Sternguard Veterans, and this time armed with Storm bolters.

The Sgt was also given a Chainsword

The whole unit

Veteran brother with Storm Bolter

So, what is next? I need to paint something that does not have a lot of white!


7 May 2020

Ultramarines HQ units with jump packs

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I found it proper to field some HQ units with jump packs alongside my Vanguard veterans. I already have an old metal Chaplain model with jump pack, so I decided to go for a “Smash captain” (my take on it anyway – using relics), a Librarian and a Lieutenant. They are all in some way “kit bashed”. Great fun.

Smash captain