10 September 2018

Space Wolves Razorbacks (and some other additions)

I have helped Trond out with preparing his beloved Space Wolves army for an upcoming team event in September. I have taken the liberty of posting a few pictures on he´s behalf. 

I find the colour pallet of the Space Wolves striking and very cool looking! Trond wanted some high output and strong “dakka” for his army and decided to include two Razorback´s in his army. They where to be armed with Twin Linked Assault cannons. Unfortunately the shipping from Forge World was delayed. However, you never go wrong building the Twin Lascannon turrets for some options, and they will “count as” Assault cannon turrets in the team event in September.

Strengthening the infantry units, he also added a Wolf Gard Terminator Pack Leader armed with Frost claws.

Finally, two battle brothers where re-armed with Plasma guns.

Looking forward to facing them on the battle field.

Ørnulv and Trond

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  1. Good job, both of you! Too bad the FW-turrets didn't turn up in time.
    Although... Now that you've completed the summoning ritual, they'll probably turn up by this afternoon. :D


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