5 March 2017

Space Wolves – Preparing for Adepticon 2017

I have been working a while on additions to my Space Wolf army, in order to get hem up to speed in preparation for Adepticon 2017.

Finally finished, here are some of the new additions to my army.


Murder fang

Land speeder Typhoon

Lucius Pattern Drop pod

Björn and his “special” Drop pod

See you all in Chicago in a couple of weeks.

Trond signing off


  1. GReat models, great job with the brush! I really like the colour scheme, not too crisp and light, and enough depth to make them intereseting! Good luck in the tournaments over there!

  2. Great palette, with good contrast between the grey and the red, yellow and the gold details.

    Looking forward to playing alongside these in Chicago, as well as against them for years to come.

  3. Very cool looking models Trond. I am sure they will create despair amongst your opponents ☺


  4. A big thank you to Ørnulv, with helpful hints and tips. And a great eye for detailing and techniques - and a bit of tiding up after a bit too quick brush by myself.

  5. That army is fun and a little bit frustrating to play against :-)
    But it looks really good now, and I think when you get some wolfs to go with all those pods it might kill everything in the way...


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