23 January 2017

Ørnulv´s 2016 in review

At first I thought that it had been a relatively unproductive year. But once I started counting the projects that I have finished, I quickly got into a far better mood.

The focus of 2016 was to expand my Dark Eldar and Eldar / Eldar Corsairs. Time consuming to paint, but lots of fun. So, what did I finish?

2 Eldar / Eldar Corsairs HQ

2 Warwalkers

15 Hellions

15 Dark Eldar Jetbikes

6 Eldar / Eldar Corsairs Jetbikes

3 Talos / Chronos

2 Wrack gunners


Razorwing Jetfighter

Voidraven Bomber

5 Wraithguard

Re-arming 4 Scourges

Phew! I also had to make some new NIDS models preparing for a GW Tournament in Nottingham:

2 Malanthropes


And of course, my beloved Ultramarines got a huge expansion with 6 new pods:

And if that was not enough, I built and primed 5 Scouts, 20 Sternguard Veterans, 10 Devastators, 5 Assault Terminators, 5 ordinary Terminators and 5 Terminators in Cataphractii armour. They are gazing at me as I am currently working on them…

When it comes to gaming however, I have not been as active as I have wanted to be. A 2-day tournament in Warhammer world, a couple of friendly games and I have hosted 4 TSB gaming weekend events. Not to bad, but I would like to play more during 2017 than I did in 2016.

As long as I am on that subject, the whole of TSB are coming around to my house this weekend for a game event preparing 4 of us for our trip to Adepticon 2017.




  1. Kraftwerk once sang: We are the Robots! Du-du-du-du. We are the Robots!

    Where and who are your little helpers, servitors, slaves? Your production is unimaginable huge. Large chunks of add-ons to different armies, great painting job as always, and again impossible to understand. I'm starting to wonder how your is office is kitted out...

    Keep on the strong work, man! As others are saying: You act as an astronomicon and keep us going - though I feel I am struggling miles below that mountain top.


  2. I swear... One of these days we will find out where you keep those painting-servitors you keep denying any knowledge of. ;)

    It's an impressive year's worth of model, again.
    It gives the rest of us something to aspire to!


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