21 January 2017

Linus’ 2016 in review

Still in the hobby, though not many games played or models finished last year. Read a few books, subscribed to and really impressed with the new White Dwarf, followed several great podcasts, acquired (too) many boxes of fantastic models and was really pleased with the updates for the Chaos Space Marines which most certainly will mean a rebirth of my existing Death Guard army.

But I started on a completely new long term project back in February and march though, managing to finish a tactical squad (!) from the Raven Guard third company – The Ghoststalkers. And assembling, priming two new tactical squads, as well as three Drop Pods, a Land Speeder and a Culexus assassin.

The project goes on, now having primed a further 52 models, 45 of them Vanguard vets and Scouts respectively, the last seven the beautiful Sisters of Silence and a couple of ICs from the first Horus Heresy box set. 

More is in the works, and lots of painting to look forward to this year. The Triumvirate trio is finding its way to my workbench in a few days, making an exciting add-on to my imperial army. We’ll see how many models I can finish this year. My biggest problem is probably being able to keep focussed and reach the finish line...

I hope I will manage to squeeze in at least one game a month this year - and attend the obligatory TS social events directed by the Eagle Wolf himself. And of course, I must contribute more to our blog...



  1. We all have 'slumps' now and again, where hobby progress seems but a distant memory... At least you have been building and undercoating, so you'll be ready for the painting bug when it deign to stop by again.

    Perhaps we should toss together a small Kill Team campaign or something to help motivate growth if those new armies that are being worked on around in the Team.

  2. I know, ups and downs, but hey – that Space Marines squad I have seen looks absolutely gorgeous! And as Jørn has pointed out, you have a large production of models to start painting. I am really looking forward to see some update articles on the blog. And of course, more games during 2017 ☺



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