27 January 2017

Crimson Fists Tactical Squad III


Getting this squad done marks an important milestone on the Road to Adepticon 2017. While I'm not currently planning on fielding all ten Marines in the squad, there's no good reason to do less than a full squad as far as I'm concerned...

I have taken the edge highlights 'a bit' farther on this squad compared to the first two squads I painted up for Adepticon 2015. I'm not really regretting it - yet - but it will be interesting to see them on the table alongside squads I and II this weekend. I realise I will probably have to go over the previously completed squads one more time, to bring them up to the same standard as this one.

There are a few other models that need my attention before I can get into that, though...

Next up: No Space Marine company is complete without a Captain...



  1. Very nice work! The highlights really make them stand out. Not fun going back to work on previously finished models, but it will probably be worth it!

  2. ”See to it personal commander, there can be no mistakes this time”! (Darth Vader from A New Hope episode IV)

    Indeed – looking great! Both the poses and the paint job are excellent. When it comes to the hard lining – ”I can feel your anger, I can feel your hate! (The Emperor from Return of the Jedi episode VI). But revisiting your squads will totally be worth it.



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