12 November 2016

Battle report Dark Eldar vs. Necrons

Maelstrom of War, Dawn of War, 1750p

Once each year, I face of Per and he’s Necrons army. Last time we played a game, I played a Tyranid horde army. Great fun, and a very close game. This time around I wanted to test my Dark Eldar Coven army, that I have ben working on the last year.

Dark Eldar deployed first. To the east (right hand side of the table) I deployed two Venoms (the one with the marker was a dedicated transport for a unit with 5 stock warriors), a Raider with 3 Grotesques and 6 Reavers Jetbikes. I centre two Venoms (the one with the marker was a dedicated transport for a unit with 5 stock warriors), a Raider with Homunculi and 3 Grotesques and 5 Scourge with Haywire blasters. In the river (centre) I deployed 8 Beast masters, and on the western flank, a Venom with 5 Warriors and 3 Reaver Jetbikes. In reserve, the Dark Artisan formation and a Razorwing jet fighter.

The Necron warlord deployed a Warriors unit and Destroyers on the eastern flank. In centre a unit of Warriors and in the river a unit of Scarabs. On the vest flank two large units of Warriors, a Destroyers with a destroyer lord and a unit of Wraiths. In reserve, Immortal’s with a Necron Lord.

Let the mayhem begin!

The Dark Eldar Coven army leaped and zoomed forward, opening a fire on the Destroyers and Warrior units. Although this Dark Eldar list is not tuned to be a “shoot army”, the firepower proved most deadly, but still was not able to score first blood. The Necron reanimation protocols again proved valuable. In response, the Necron gun line advanced in order to gain rapid-fire range next turn, and the Wraiths took up a front position behind a large rock formation in centre. The Scarabs surged forward in cover of the river, getting in position for a round 2 assault.

The Dark Eldar Coven responded with an all out aggressive movement against the Necron line. The Reaver Jetbike unit to the east flank speeded across the table trying to hug cover behind a rock formation. After a volley of shots, cutting down the destroyers and several warriors, the Beastmasters assaulted the Scarabs. The close combat was basically a stand off due to the Scarabs being fearless. The Necrons advanced and opened fire, ruthlessly cutting down the Reaver Jetbike unit behind their lines. The Wraiths took up position for an assault against the centre of the Dark Eldar advance.

To the east the Grotesques disembarked and closed in on the Warriors, supported by the guns from a Venom and their Rader. The rest of the army converged on the large Necron warrior unit in centre, and the Dark Artisan formation deep strike close to the Necron rear-guard warrior units to the east. The Scarabs and beat masters continued their battle of attrition, but the Beast masters started to loose there edge and numbers - fast! The Necron warrior unit to the east was killed, the Wraiths lost four of their number, and the centre Warrior unit was almost wiped out. To the vest the dark Artisan formation inflicted heavy damage on one of the two warrior units to the vest. The Necron army repositioned their gun line; In centre hugging cover and getting clear line of shots on the Venoms, to the vest jamming the dark Artisan formation, and the Wraith pulled back preparing an assault on the dark Artisan formation. Unable to inflict severe damage during shooting, the Wraiths assaulted the dark Artisan formation, wounding the Homunculi warlord and the Talos, taking some wounds in return. In centre the Scarabs got an upper hand on the Bestmasters, but unable to cut them down.

The Razorwing Jetfighter entered the vest flank. Supported by three Venoms they cut down a Necron Warrior unit to the vest. The Beat masters where aided by 3 Reaver jetbikes, and although it was a fierce fight was unable to kill of the Scarabs who proved almost indestructible. The Wraiths and the Dark Artisan formation continued their melee, unable to take one another out. The Grotesques to the east embarked on their transport and moved toward the centre of the battlefield. The Necrons failed to inflict damage on the Venoms or Raiders. In close combat the Scarabs cut down the last of the Beat masters, being locked in combat with the Reavers. The Immortal’s deep stroke on the east flank in a perfect position, gunning down a Venom.

75% of the dark Eldar Army converged on the Immortal’s. And it proved to be the right decision. The Immortals and their Lords where almost able to resist the brutal barrage from the Razor wing’s missiles, two Raiders, the Scourge and three Venoms! But in the end, they where destroyed. The Grotesques to the east assaulted and killed the remaining Warrior unit. The Scarabs killed of the last Reavers Jetbikes, and the Dark Artisan formation cut down the remaining Wraith. The Scarabs consolidated towards the objective to the centre.

The Dark Eldar secured every objective on the table, and in the process the Dark Artisan formation flamed the Scarabs to death. The Necron army had put up a good fight, but in the end it was obliterated.

End results:

Dark Eldar 20p – Necrons 2p

Dark Eldar 3p (first blood, Slay the warlord and Linebreaker)

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