21 October 2016

Dark Eldar Raider Disintigrator Cannons

Just a quick one for you.

During this last year I have built several Coven units.

Since many of the Coven units are geared for close combat, it’s not a default choice any longer to by the Dark Lance upgrade for my Raiders. Hence, I wanted the option to field them with the stock Disintegrator Cannons. Jørn helped my getting the gun mounts (THX), and I was happy to find that the Wrack kits I had included options to build Raider and Venom crews.

Two of my Raiders now have the options to field a Wrack gunner with Disintegrator Cannons.

What next? Some additional models for my Eldar Corsairs (moping up the extras…)




  1. It's a pleasure to be of assistance, when you put the bits to such good use!

    It looks like you've always just had the Disintegrator Cannon on there. Hope it was't too much of a hassle to replace the Dark Lance.

  2. Very nice. Hope a little recap of the properties of the mentioned cannons is not too moch to ask for ;) Looking forward to disintegrate them in our next matchup!

  3. Jørn; The gun mount is fixed to the gunner, not the skimmer. I can now alternate between the Darklance and Disintergrator Cannons.

    Linus; S5, AP2. Heavy 3, 36" Range. Note; I armoured my second Razorwing with Disintergrator Cannons.

    THX for the positive feedback. More to come the next couple of weeks😃


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