30 June 2016

Khorne Daemonkin Bloodcrushers

This weekend we're having another TSB-gathering at Ørn's summer house for a weekend of good food, good drinks and - of course - several games of 40K.

For this, I've put together a Khorne Daemonkin list using the Blood Host detachment with a Slaughtercult, a Charnel Cohort and a couple of Maulerfiends. The Charnel Cohort require you to include a unit of Bloodcrushers, but I didn't own any. No worries! Down to the FLGS in Oslo I went, to buy another box of plastic crack.

The Juggernauts were built and painted over a couple of evenings, with the Bloodletters requiring another two. After that, it was just the small matter of pairing rider and mount - and I'm ready to go!!!

Until next time - where I'll feature the 'little brothers' I promised last time.



  1. So good and so fast! Really impressive work and fantastic models that are so fun to field!

  2. Nice work. I'm liking the muted look on them instead of the more traditional brighter reds.

    I really wish Blood Crushers were better. They hit like a ton of bricks, but they are T4, 3 wounds with a 5++. Losing them to S8 is a huge deterrent considering their cost. They need something more to justify their cost in my opinion. I want to love them, but it's so damn hard.

  3. Cheers, guys.

    I really wish they had a bit more staying power too. Once you get them Feel No Pain their ability to shrug off incoming fire increases noticeably, though my practical experience so far is limited to Orks and Eldar/Dark Eldar armies.

    I definitely need to give them a few more tries, though, before passing judgement...

  4. Sorry for a late response.

    These models look really good Jørn. I think your choice of colours and the execution of the paint job, as well as the poses, really becomes these models.

    I also really like the bases; they somehow compliment those Juggernauts “heavy crush feeling”.


  5. Very nice! I agree the bases look very nice. Love the pose on the first one.


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