29 May 2016

Tau Stormsurge

After some slow weeks I finelly got my Tau Stormsurge done, this little battlesuite is my final part of the 1500 std Tau army I am planning on fielding.
I have used the same techniques on this, as my other Tau army, but here the armour plates are much bigger so I think more time to get right, and I am stil not pleased With everything, and might stil change some things.

I went With the big D cannon on this one, it have Shorter range but when I get this one close it is very deadly. Not only does it have 2 D shoots, but it can also bring the mighty stomp :-)
The ability to shoot all weapons twice is also handy if I stand stil for 2 rounds.

Up Next for the Tau is some Riptides and normal suits to be able to field some nice formations.
And there might be a suit hideing somewhere on the table...


  1. Nice to see your "Big Bad" is finally done!
    Let's just hope that the Dice Gods will look more favourably upon it now, than they have so far... ;)

  2. I think it looks great! Good work Tom-Erik ☺ As Jørn says, I dread the day those dice are rolled in your favour.

    Riptides next… Got to get started on the Knight Lancer I recon…


  3. Yeah, looks really good. Red is not easy, but I think you nailed it. I really like the wear and tear on the armour. Do I wnat to play it? Certainly :) Sorry for the late reply!



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